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16 million Americans lose their jobs. But no one working for Chicago will

In one Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s  most staggering promises, she has ruled out layoffs in city government because of the coronavirus pandemic. The Sun-Times reported: “We are not expecting to do any layoffs,” the mayor told a news conference hours before Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s stay-at-home order was extended for another month. “Our economy in this region is... Read more »

I might get hit by a hurricane, but a bigger storm is about to blast Chicago

The warnings here in Jacksonville, Florida, are vague: Hurricane Dorian might or might come ashore here. But in Chicago, a Storm 10 is about to hit when Mayor Lori Lightfoot gives her state-of-the-state speech tonight. Taxpayers, businesses and everyone else are going to batten down the hatches as speculation about what she will say in... Read more »

Chicago soon could be paying for TWO workforces

While it only has one. How can this be? The Illinois Policy Institute explains that starting in 2021, the city’s contribution to the fire-fighters’ pension fund will equal 79 percent of the actual payroll. In other words, taxpayers would be paying a whole lot for people actually working and almost as much for people not working.... Read more »

Blame Chicago teachers and their CTU; not Mayor Lightfoot

Bring Home Chicago, a coalition of homeless advocates, is targeting Mayor Lori Lightfoot for failing to live up to her campaign promise to, in effect, nail “rich” taxpayers to save the homeless. Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mark Brown explained that Lightfoot will ask the Illinois Legislature to give her authority to raise the real estate transfer... Read more »

The reason Chicago doesn't have enough cops to prevent a murder on Michigan Ave.

Why can’t the city of Chicago afford to deploy more cops on its premier shopping attraction–Michigan Avenue–to prevent the murder of an innocent? It’s because more and more of the city’s revenues are being gobbled up to pay government workers to sit on their asses. Well, yes, there are plenty of bureaucrats and shovel-leaners doing just that... Read more »

Democrats plan to blame Illinois Gov. Rauner

There’s one thing that we should be able to agree on about the Illinois and Chicago financial crises: It’s not the fault of students wanting an education, poor people seeking medical care, drivers wanting decent roads, transit riders yearning for reliable service, battered children and women desperately needing help, the hungry looking for a nutritious... Read more »

Just HAVING a can of insoluble spray paint in Chicago will be illegal

Now, under Chicago law, you must also have the intent to graffiti. (Yes, new dictionaries say it’s a verb.) But under the city’s new revenue ordinance just coming out of committee, the intent has been struck. (See below.) I suppose that’s because it’s harder to convict when you have to prove intent. But doesn’t this leave open... Read more »