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A Catholic's Trump quandary

A Christianity Today editorial calling for the removal of President Donald Trump  out of “loyalty to the creator of the Ten Commandments,” has blown a storm through the ranks of evangelicals who have supported him, and still do. It amounts to a crisis of conscience for some believers because as much as Trump’s behavior appears to be sinful,... Read more »

Update: Neil Steinberg explains his anti-Catholic stereotyping in the Sun-Times

Neil Steinberg now has tried to explain the anti-Catholic stereotyping that he used in his recent Sun-Times column, “The pope stumbles over Charlie Hebdo,”  Jan. 15, 2015. In it and his follow-up,  (“Do Jews go to Heaven?” in his blog, “Every goddamn day” here) he asserts that Catholic teaching (doctrine, dogma) condemns Jews (and by extension, all... Read more »

Pope Benedict XVI is a "child rapist"

It’s a cliche, but it could well be true, that the only acceptable bigotry  left is hatred of Catholics. Here’s a portrait of the pope allegedly made entirely of condoms. Another example is the  accusation that former Pope Benedict XVI is a child rapist, that an unnamed European government was planning on issuing a warrant... Read more »

A practicing Catholic weighs in on Pope Francis

So much commentary about Pope Francis seems to come from non-Catholics and lapsed Catholics, I thought it might do some good to hear from a practicing Catholic. That’s so we can dispense with some of the nonsense that we’ve been hearing about what the Catholic Church is and should be. After absorbing the commentary for... Read more »

Wheaton College, others win one against Obamacare's assault on religious liberty

A win for people of faith the media widely ignores A federal appeals court has reinstated a lawsuit by Wheaton College and Belmont Abbey College in their fight to protect their religious liberty against provisions in Obamacare that mandate religious institutions violate their consciences. The Obama administration had been fighting tooth and nail to have... Read more »

Government now gets to decide what my values are? Pfffft

I was born and grew up in Chicago. I have attended school in Chicago and have spent almost my entire life working in Chicago. Now Mayor Rahm Emanuel is going to tell me what my values are? What I’d like to tell Rahm and everyone else who thinks that government can or should dictate my... Read more »

Trayvon Martin, NBA brutality and a Catholic bishop's words distorted

I tuned in to CNN on Friday to get the news. Saw Rodney King being interviewed. The host asked: Do you think that race figured into the Trayvon Martin shooting? I turned off CNN. There’s King, the guy beaten by Los Angeles cops two decades ago, dragged out of obscurity (except for an arrest last... Read more »

U. of Chicago's Martin Marty and me. He lets me have it.

I’m used to having my columns misread or intentionally distorted by readers whose closed minds keep them from trying to understand my point. (Examples are posts following two of my recent columns, here and here.) But for a distinguished scholar like Martin Marty, the highly regarded emeritus professor at the University of Chicago Divinity School,... Read more »

Catholic bishop exposes himself in public park

Oh,wait. It was a president and CEO of Planned Parenthood. Now, be honest, would you have bothered to look at this post if the headline didn’t say that a Catholic bishop was the flasher? When I Googled the story, I found only seven local stories about the arrest of Tony Ray Thornton, 56, president and CEO of... Read more »

The claim that 98 percent of Catholic women use contraceptives? Wrong, says FactChecker.

The popular site called FactChecker.org looked into the assertion, made by the likes of Nancy Pelosi and repeated without qualification by liberal media acolytes and awarded it two Pinocchios*. The claim is a “media foul,” FactChecker said. Here’s what else FactChecker said in part: But while the study says that 98 percent of “sexually experienced... Read more »