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Should cultural cancelers get cancelled?

Two left-wing critics, one of white men and the other of Trump, get fired for their views. Is it right? USA Today fired Hemal Jhaveri, its Race and Inclusion Editor, for falsely tweeting that the recent Colorado mass shooting was done by a white man. While it may go down as a perfect example of... Read more »

In defense of Qanon's right of free speech

During this wide-ranging campaign by Google and other social media giants to snuff out the ability of some Americans to speak freely, hasn’t anyone wondered what it is they’re saying that is so worthy of being cast into the darkness? Is what Qanon says so much more dangerous that depriving Americans of  conversations and debates upon which our form... Read more »

"Crazy Mob Calls Chicago Writer A Racist For Criticizing A Jew"

My article in The Federalist defending Chicago Tribune Columnist John Kass. When conservative Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass was hit with baseless attacks from the leftist cancel mob, he didn’t cower — he pushed back and won. After extinguishing reason and fairness at The New York Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer, the cancel cultural enforcers in... Read more »

AOC's ignorant attack on St. Damien of Molokai

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., NY), in the words of a friend, gave new meaning to the word moron. She attacked Saint Damien of Molokai as an example of “what patriarchy and white supremacist culture looks [sic] like.” What provoked her was that a statue of the saint, who gave his life attending to lepers, was in the Capital. ... Read more »

Time to cancel the Chicago Tribune Guild's executive board?

That’s the board of the union representing Chicago Tribune workers that gave a whole new meaning to “solidarity.” Turning from the traditional role of rattling management’s cage, the Chicago Tribune Guild’s leadership turned on a fellow employee, the Tribune’s lead columnist John Kass. In a widely circulated letter, the executive board accused Kass of writing a column... Read more »

The cancel culture ax falls on old time radio

It’s not just statues that are getting picked off one by one by the growing determination to rub out our past. Now old time radio: MADISON – Wisconsin Public Radio will end production of the long-running “Old Time Radio Drama” in June, WPR announced this week. The program, which will air for the last time... Read more »
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