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Chris "tingle" Matthews meets his match

The MSNBC talk show host probably thought that Freshman Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) would be easily humiliated and bullied, Matthew’s usual interview approach. Walsh gave as good as he got.

Obama threatens seniors and veterans; leaves out kids

As negotiations over raising the federal debt ceiling, cutting the budget and increasing taxes comes down to the wire, President Barack Obama thinks he might have to stiff social security recipients and veterans. He said in an interview: “I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3rd if we haven’t resolved this issue,”... Read more »

Republicans, call and double down Obama's deficit reduction bluff

Even while deficit reduction talks continue between the White House and congressional leaders, Democrats and Republics, pundits already are awarding victory points for President Barack Obama’s challenge to do a really big deficit reduction deal. “If not now, when?” he asked at his press conference today, when he made it appear that Republicans were backing... Read more »

Rep. Paul Ryan explains his federal budget

More scary details about Illinois' borrowing--from the New York Times of all places

State hints that it might need a federal guarantee of the debt. New York Times’ looked at the fine print of Illinois’ proposed bond sales and it should scare the bejabbers out of Illinois taxpayers and voters. The terms of the borrowing, as detailed by the administration of Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn in a prospectus, have... Read more »

Illinois bond buyers: Invest at your own risk

With a big bond borrowing coming, the three big credit rating services failed to go far enough in their warnings. A Bloomberg story says: The [recent 67 percent] tax hike helped the state dodge a ratings downgrade, with Standard & Poor’s affirming an A-plus rating with a negative outlook, Moody’s Investors Service keeping its A1... Read more »

Even the New York Times faults Obama's cowardly budget

Courtesy of Rep. Peter Roskam, a west suburban Republican, here is a compilation of what editorials and others are saying about President  Obama’s FY 2012 Budget Proposal: Budget Proposal “Whiffed” … “Lacks honesty”… “Raises Taxes by $1.6 trillion”; Even Top Democrats Slam Washington Post: “The larger problem with the budget is the administration’s refusal to confront... Read more »

A debtors' prison for deadbeat pols?

Maybe putting legislators in the clink is all that’s left  Too bad we don’t have debtors’ prisons anymore. They would be suitable lodgings for House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago, and the rest who are responsible for Illinois’ financial demise. We could let Madigan, Gov. Pat Quinn, Senate PresidentJohn Cullerton and others who are responsible for stiffing thousands of... Read more »

Here's your daily diet of BS about Illinois' budget

Not only is Illinois figuring to pile on more debt to pay its pension obligations this year, but the way it is borrowing the money is deceitful and even more expensive that it would first seem. This requires you to pay attention, and Democrats and the public employee unions running this state are figuring that... Read more »

Public workers' pension funds are eating Illinois alive

We keep hearing about how the state has “borrowed” cash from money set aside in the Illinois public pension funds to help balance the state budget, in effect, spending their pensions to pay for such things as state aid to schools.  But the Kankakee Daily Journal, in an excellent editorial, points out that it’s a... Read more »
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