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The phony war over contraceptives

For all the name-calling, divisiveness and hatred–yes, hatred–ignited by the Barack Obama administration’s order requiring that virtually every American woman must receive free contraception, the truth of the matter is quite different than it’s being portrayed by the left. Truth is, most insurance policies already cover contraception, and if yours doesn’t, you should be able... Read more »

Breast cancer, oral contraceptives, abortion and lies (?)

For years, the National Cancer Institute has been telling Americans that having an abortion and using oral contraceptives had nothing to do with an increased risk of breast cancer.  But now, recognized experts in cancer have published a study in a reputable, peer-reviewed publication that finds that the contraceptives and abortions significantly increase the risk... Read more »

She had 15 abortions...

before she decided to keep her next two children alive. This is a most amazing story, and now Irene Vilar is writing about it in a new book Impossible Motherhood: Testimony of an Abortion Addict. You may not want to read the book (I probably will), but if this subject interests you, you’ll certainly want... Read more »