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Donald Trump lies about the national presidential election polls

I heard Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump say today that he knows that it’s a “fact” that national presidential election polls show that he is the only candidate who can beat  Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton. No one, it seems, asked him to tell us which polls he’s talking about. But the fact is, he gets... Read more »

Will establishment Republicans hold their noses and vote for Trump against Hillary Clinton?

Will  establishment (I prefer traditional) Republicans declare their disgust with Donald Trump by voting for Democrat Hillary Clinton in the general election for president? That’s a question flummoxing increasing numbers of Republicans as Trump appears to be ever closer to securing the GOP nomination for president. It has caused Ian Tuttle in the conservative  National... Read more »

Why I've stopped worrying about the federal deficit and debt

Because the younger generation has, in effect, told me that they don’t care about how much federal debt we load on them. In Nevada, they flocked to Bernie Sanders, the Democratic presidential candidate who promises Americans free this and free that but who has no realistic way to pay for it. Even taxing the filthy... Read more »

Hey 'outsiders,' blame yourselves for Washington gridlock

The sages tell us that the “outsider” candidates–Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders chief among them–are at or near the top of the presidential primary races because  Americans are demanding that “we elect someone who will get something done in Washington.” Well, maybe that’s why they are doing well in the polls and primaries,... Read more »

Can Bernie Sanders say "black?"

Has the Democratic Party’s nomination process now devolved into a debate about whether Bernie Sanders can say “black?” At a Minneapolis campaign stop, according to a city pages.com report: …one panelist faulted Sanders for speaking in generalities, and said he was “afraid to say the word black.” Sanders disputed that claim in his response. “I’ve... Read more »

Trump and Sanders engage in the 'politics of high fantasy'

Charles Krauthammer sees magic in the appeal of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders. Krauthammer said in a Chicago Tribune op-ed, “In truth, Trump and Sanders are soaring not just by defyingHe the establishment, but by defying logic and history. Sanders’ magic potion is socialism; Trump’s is Trump.” He concludes: The added... Read more »

Presidential election from hell: Bernie Sanders vs Donald Trump

Hobson’s Choice redefined: Presidential election from hell would be Bernie Sanders versus Donald Trump. How does one pick between Donald “Mad Dog” Trump and Bernie “Everything is Free” Sanders? With Trump, you get a pig in a poke, not sure where he’d try to take the country. His campaign promises have been so vague that... Read more »

Susan Sarandon's war on a woman--Hillary Clinton

Susan Sarandon, an icon of the far left, has launched a brutal attack on Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton. She pounced on Clinton on Wednesday night while campaigning in Iowa for Clinton’s Democratic opponent Sen. Bernard Sanders. Sarandon aligned with Republicans when she demanded that  issues are more important than gender–something that conservatives has been trying... Read more »

The 2016 presidential race is the goofiest in my memory

It says a lot to say that the 2016 presidential race is the goofiest in my memory. My memory takes me back (vaguely) to 1948 when incumbent president Harry S Truman upset his Republican challenger and New York Governor Tom Dewey. Can anyone with a longer memory recall anything crazier? On the Republican side, we... Read more »