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I'm 78 and I'm not running for president

I’m too old. Like Joe Biden. I recognize Joe Biden. I know him. I know what it is to struggle for a word, as Biden did when he couldn’t remember, holy smokes, the name of God when he said, “All men and women created by—you know, you know the thing.” Or when he called Super... Read more »

Fact checking Bernie Sanders' socialism BS

Oh, right, Bernie, you’re not talking about “communism” and you accused Mike Bloomberg of a “cheap shot” when, in the Democrat presidential debate, he said the Marxist system doesn’t work. You instead said, “Let’s talk about democratic socialism. Not communism, Mr. Bloomberg….Let’s talk about—let’s talk about what goes on in countries like Denmark …” It’s Sanders’ familiar... Read more »

Trump's colluding with Bernie, dontcha know

UPDATE: Wow. This might not be parody after all. Read Eric Zorn’s, “South Carolina Republicans’ plan: Help Trump by voting for Sanders in Dem primary. Will it work, or backfire?” Still, Eric doesn’t go into how some Sanders supporters are trying to downplay his socialism. True. President Donald Trump’s fondest wish is to face Sen. Bernie Sanders... Read more »

Hey, Bernie's kids: Check out the mess in China

Do you fans of Bernie Sanders actually think that socialism works? Then check out what’s happening in China where it’s version of socialism is killing people and threatening a world-wide pandemic of deadly coronavirus. Yes, yes, I know. You say that Bernie’s is talking about the type of socialism as practiced in Scandinavia and not the... Read more »

It's time to ask Trump if he knows the difference between fascism and trumpism

Much has been made of the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s inability to explain the difference between a Democrat and a socialist. It was an obvious question, considering that her main opposition for the Democratic nomination has been self-described socialist Bernie Sanders. It went a long way to revealing Clinton’s shallowness and exposing the... Read more »

The best explanation for the popularity of Trump and Sanders

I don’t often use the words “brilliant” and “awesome,” and maybe I can continue to restrain myself. But “A Country Is A Country, “by  Peter Augustine Lawler  in the May 16, 2016 issue of the Weekly Standard is the most  thoughtful, insightful, balanced and honest analysis I’ve seen yet explaining the rise of Trumpism and Sandersim.... Read more »

Sheesh, even Bernie Sanders beats Donald Trump

Aside from Donald Trump’s crowing about how he can beat Hillary Clinton (despite the polls that show he wouldn’t), we now see in a new poll that even the far left, extremist, socialist Bernie Sanders could beat the midget-mind Trump. Polling Data Poll Date Sample MoE Sanders (D) Trump (R) Spread RCP Average 4/11 –... Read more »

"How Donald Trump locked up the jerk vote"

Donald Trump has a “clear path” to securing the Republican nomination for president, according to pundits. For those of us, dumbfounded for how this monstrous demagogue did it, here is an explanation from Paul Waldman in his column, “How Donald Trump locked up the jerk vote.” Explaining why the iconic basketball coach and first-class idiot endorsed... Read more »

The Obama-Trump common denominator: Magical thinking

Heather Wilhelm’s op-ed column this morning in the Chicago Tribune made a forceful and on-target point about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s magical thinking. On Wednesday, Trump delivered a landmark “serious candidate” foreign policy speech from Washington, D.C. In the hours before the speech, the media collectively freaked out in anticipation, even though Trump’s own... Read more »

The GOP "Establishment" bogeyman

Like the bogeyman hiding under a child’s bed, the Republican “establishment” is supposed to scare everyone, but it never seems to actually appear. See, like the bogeyman is used to frighten kids into good behavior, the accusations about the fearful Republican “establishment” is supposed to terrify voters into supporting “outsiders” like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz... Read more »