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'Okay, boomer'

Heidi Stevens scores a thoroughly delightful column in the Chicago Tribune that Baby Boomers must read. “What I’m learning from my kids during the Chicago teachers strike. (They really do say, ‘OK, Boomer.’),” drew me in because Boomers really deserve to be dissed like this. She writes: “Teens say ‘OK, Boomer’ is the perfect response because it’s blasé but... Read more »

The stupid celebration of the idiotic Disco Demolition Night

As if rising from their wheelchairs and tossing aside their walkers, Baby Boomers are extolling Disco Demotion Night as a “cultural touchstone.”  If so, it’s their touchstone, because many of the rest of us (speaking only for some of us in the pre-Baby Boomer generation) thought it was an idiotic demonstration of where Baby Boomers were... Read more »

My no-name generation

Here’s my contribution to the coming edition to the “casual” section of The Weekly Standard: For some reason yet to be fathomed, the 50 million Americans born between the greatest generation and the baby boomers were never assigned a name—at least not one widely recognizable. I’m in it, and that’s just fine by me. Living in... Read more »

Prostitutes say they’re 'pimping for (Ron) Paul' in GOP presidential race

There’s something about his libertarian positions that appeal to whores. Among other things, he would do away with laws banning prostitution. Libertarians also eschew laws banning dangerous, addictive drugs. He’s the perfect Baby Boomer, self-absorbed, radical individualist candidate. If someone should drop out of the race, it should be Paul, and not (as I say... Read more »

Barack Obama--the '60s president

Like, wow, this is a great article man. Live it, love it.