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Here's another big, fat told-ya-so for the lousy, stinking O'Hare Airport expansion

In a long-needed assessment of how the expansion of O’Hare International Airport is working out (“Five ways to improve O’Hare”), Chicago Tribune reporters Jon Hilkevitch and  Gregory Karp found that the multi-billion-dollar project has fallen short of its over-hyped expectations. Again. Which allows me to issue, on behalf of its long-silenced opponents this hearty blast:... Read more »

100 incredible views out of airplane windows

Well some of them are and a few are just credible. Chicago made the list with a view that many frequent flyers into and out of O’Hare get to see. While it might take some time to load, it’s an interesting display that underscores what a wild and wonderful place is Earth. And big! Click... Read more »

Illinois tollway drivers chumped by O'Hare Airport expansion.

Back when former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley promised to wave his magic wand and turn the 1950s-style O’Hare Airport into a 21st Century jewel,  Tri-State and other Illinois tollway drivers had no reason to pay much attention. Daley and his corporate, political, organized labor and do-gooder minions had assured everyone that expanding O’Hare wouldn’t... Read more »

NOW will someone ask Emanuel what he plans to do about O'Hare expansion?

Tribune reports: City-airlines O’Hare talks near collapse Tense negotiations between the city of Chicago and United and American airlines over O’Hare expansion have almost collapsed, officials said today. The acrimony between the two sides has run so deep that, despite agreements to meet almost every day, city and airline officials often convene in separate rooms,... Read more »

Big deal for Chicago: Boeing wins $35B tanker contract

The Boeing 767-based NewGen Tanker is pictured simultaneously refueling two F/A-18 Super Hornet aircraft from the wing air refueling pods in this undated photo illustration, obtained on Feb. 24, 2011. (Reuters/Boeing/Handout) This probably won’t get many hits on a site where many people come to find out about sports, lifestyle and such, but this is a... Read more »

Chicago media ignore big mayoral election issue

The Chicago media have been curiously uninterested in an issue hanging like a scimitar over the head of the city’s next mayor. Will or should the next mayor carry on the fight with United and American airlines over the expansion of O’Hare Airport? Will or should the new administration cave into the airlines and give... Read more »

Airlines pull a "Daley" on Daley over O'Hare expansion

Mayor Richard Daley, flanked by CTA President Richard Rodriguez, left, and Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Thomas Byrne, on Thursday defends the city’s response to the storm at a news conference. At the same time, Daley expressed a fear that the airlines are trying to put him into a holding pattern on O’Hare expansion until he... Read more »

O'Hare Airport: Increasingly unsafe?

O’Hare expansion. Notice the increased number of runway and taxiway intersections One of the warnings issued by opponents of O’Hare Expansion was that building new runways, terminals and other facilities at the 1950s-sized airport would be difficult, if not unsafe, while the airport tries to continue operating at full capacity. That warning came to mind... Read more »
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