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The Left's anti-science past opposition to epidemic testing

“Testing, testing, testing.” — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi today, emphasizing the importance of testing for the coronavirus. So glad that Pelosi and her Democrat and left-wing allies are finally getting around to supporting testing to control a rampaging epidemic. Democrats and liberals staunchly opposed testing and, as importantly, contact tracing when HIV was rampaging across America and... Read more »

The anti-science assault by global warming alarmists on climate change skeptics

The true Flat Earth fanatics are those global warming alarmists who accuse anyone who challenges their methodology and conclusions of being “anti-science.” It is especially anti-science with global warming alarmists when they now turn  to legal methods to silence anyone who “The debate is over; climate change is real.” questions their propaganda. But that’s exactly... Read more »

Barack Obama's and John Kerry's anti-science rejection of Keystone XL pipeline

A lot of accusations have been flying around, denouncing anyone who questions the modeling that “proves” that civilization is causing global warming. “Anti- science deniers,” they’re called, and lumped in with anyone who doubts the much-more conclusive evidence of evolution. They’re anti-science dumbbells. I wonder where the same critics are now when it comes to... Read more »

The veto of the Keystone Pipeline by Barack Obama, the anti-science president of 'no'

President Barack Obama’s veto of the bi-partisan congressional authorization of the Keystone XL pipeline is telling, revealing him to be the anti-science president of ‘no.’ Yes, yes, I know that progressives have tried to copyright accusations of “anti-science” and the “politics of no” to be hurled exclusively at conservatives and Republicans.  But, if the shoe... Read more »

Anti-science progressives outted by Ebola

The Ebola outbreak reminds me of a dark time in American history when a politically inspired, “anti-science” rash broke out and infected the nation. It was during the 1980s and 1990s when the nation’s public health establishment was struggling to halt the catastrophic spread of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. I say “anti-science” because... Read more »

Vatican science center to continue despite Pope Benedict's resignation

What’s this? Isn’t the Catholic Church among the anti-science, religious flatlanders? Denying evolution, etc.? If you think so,  then please take a look at The Pontifical Academy of Sciences, the world’s first exclusively scientific academy. You’ll need an attitude adjustment after you read this and learn, for example, that “it was a Roman Catholic priest, Fr. Georges... Read more »