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How 99.99 percent of 150,000 COVID-19 Patients survived

Not with anything that Tony Fauci recommended. A doctor who has been offering free telehealth services to COVID-19 patients during the pandemic says that early treatment for COVID-19 works, claiming that he has a 99.99 percent survival rate. This is from  Dr. Ben Marble, the founder of myfreedoctor.com, an online medical consultation service. The treatment protocol consists of hydroxychloroquine,... Read more »

Tony Fauci, under oath, deceives Congress about his salary and finances.

This guy increasingly steps in it every time he opens his mouth. The latest example came when he was asked about his person finances in a Senate committee hearing. Fauci, the highest paid of any federal employe, said his records are open to the public. Well, sort of. Listen to the video below as OpenTheBooks... Read more »

If Biden truly wants to end the Covid pandemic he should do this: Fire Fauci.

President Joe Biden, as usual, today was notably unimpressive, ill-prepared and far off-track when he blessed America with his latest “plan” to fight Covid. A half billion test kits for Americans is about the only significant, new element of his so-called plan–a step that was too late. (What he failed to discuss is what 100... Read more »

Why is Fauci blocking safe and effective therapeutics in favor of Big Pharma's less effective and more costly drug?

Fauci belatedly and finally in August directs our attention to the possibility of a therapeutic drug to “knock out” Covid-19 when safe, effective, and inexpensive treatments are available. The answer might be shaping up to be the Pandemic’s biggest scandal. When a rash, allergy, cough or other illness strikes, you expect a doctor to prescribe... Read more »

How involved was Fauci in the origination of the novel virus that caused COVID-19?

Top-notch investigative journalism details his link to the Wuhan lab that probably created the virus. According to a Wall Street Journal report: Before Covid-19 ravaged the world, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases funded coronavirus research that included work at China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology. The idea was to study the ability... Read more »

UPDATE: The disastrous failures of the coronavirus models

UPDATE: From the Wall Street Journal:  “New Data Suggest the Coronavirus Isn’t as Deadly as We Thought. A study finds 50 to 85 times as many infections as known cases—meaning a far lower fatality rate.“ And what does that say about the reliability of climate change models? Models are running America. America has shutdown because scientists... Read more »

'The Faucian Bargain'

‘The Faucian Bargain” is a worthy read in the Bulwark about how Anthony Fauci has been able to check President Donald Trump’s worst inclinations about the coronavirus pandemic. I’m for opening up the economy as soon as possible, but as I’ve tried to say, not before we know the nation is safe. That, however, could come... Read more »