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Another Obama Obamacare lie: 'Substandard' health insurance

In addition to lying about how you can keep your health insurance and your doctor, here’s a new one about how the millions of cancelled individual policies are ‘substandard.’ When President Barack Obama last week defended his signature Affordable Care Act by claiming that he is ridding America of “substandard* health insurance” policies, he left... Read more »

Obamacare robs cancer patient of live-saving health insurance coverage

Despite promises that she could keep her doctor and her insurance, Obamacare terminated her coverage. Edie Littlefield Sundby, a catastrophic cancer patient, says in a Wall Street Journal op-ed: My choice is to get coverage through the government health exchange and lose access to my cancer doctors, or pay much more for insurance outside the... Read more »

Coming soon: The unraveling of Obamacare

Obama, liberals and Democrats have defined themselves by rigidly opposing even the most rudimentary repairs of Obamacare. Now they own it. One major lesson to be learned from the government-shutdown-fiasco-that-solved-nothing is so simple that it is in danger of being overlooked: You will not get anything done in Washington unless the American people are behind... Read more »

The most important story in today's Chicago Tribune

It might also might be the most informative, at least for me. Listening to the boiling rhetoric about what would happen if the U.S. government would default on its bonds, I had assumed that if the debt ceiling is not extended, the bondholders (e.g. China) would not receive the interest they are due. Kind of... Read more »

Obamacare to gouge the young in Chicago and elsewhere; it only seems fair

Illinois is no exception, as the state’s rates are first revealed. That’s because 60 percent of young voters voted for President Barack Obama in the last election. Under penalty of a government fine, those presumably healthier younger people be required to buy insurance, and the price they’ll pay will have to subsidize support the older,... Read more »

Organized labor joining critics of Obamacare

Obviously for different reasons than conservatives. Nonetheless, growing union opposition to Obamacare reflects the failure of the health care scheme to be all that it has promised. Reports the Wall Street Journal: The leaders of three major U.S. unions, including the highly influential Teamsters, have sent a scathing letter to Democratic leaders in Congress, warning... Read more »

More White House baloney on contraception.

Jay Carney said the Catholic bishops never supported health care. Is White House press secretary stupid or a liar? Or did he just misspeak, in which case we will quickly get a correction. Below is a press release from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops correcting the record:   USCCB/MR          ... Read more »