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Little Sisters of the Poor to test the real meaning of religious liberty before the Supreme Court

While reading a biography* of James Madison, I came across this quote from the Father of the American Constitution: The civil rights of none shall be abridged on account of religious belief or worship, nor shall any national religion be established, nor shall the full and equal rights of conscience be in any manner, or... Read more »

That Obamacare is a disastrous failure is indubitable. Now, how to fix it?

Blind partisans and rigid ideologues will refuse to accept the realty that Obamacare (the deceptively  named Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act). Even though rate hikes are enormous (and no one is reported to have saved $2,500 as Barack Obama promised) and the number of choices has been slashed (despite Obama’s promise that you would be able... Read more »

Why weren't SCOTUS arguments about Obamacare broadcast on TV?

If you’re like me, you would have appreciated seeing  the oral arguments about Obamacare (the Unaffordable Care Act) in front of the U.S. Supreme Court broadcast live. It would have been a great education for Americans about how their government works and the intricacies of public policy and the law. Yet, SCOTUS, in its infernal... Read more »

President Barack Obama hears voices

To everyone who voted, I want you to know that I hear you. To the two-thirds of voters who chose not to participate in the process yesterday, I hear you too. That was President Barack Obama the day after the Republicans shellacked the Democrats in the mid-term elections, handling control of both the Senate and... Read more »

Why not just eliminate Obamacare's employer mandate?

This isn’t being asked by some nutty right-wing group cabal or the Koch Brothers. The idea of eliminating the employer mandate of Obamacare (aka The Affordable Care Act) comes from the respected Urban Institute. In a study, it discovered that if the long delayed (illegally by the Obama administration until 2016) were eliminated, the impact... Read more »

Obamacare to increase the number of uninsured

Despite promises that it would cut deeply into the 40- or 50-million (the number always fluctuated) Americans uncovered by health insurance, one study now predicts that Obamacare (misnamed the Affordable Care Act) would increase the number of uninsured by about 10 percent more than t0day. Said Stephen T. Parente in a Wall St. Journal opinion... Read more »

Obamacare 'enrolls' 1.1 million; only 47 million to go

The Obama administration proudly announced that less than 3 percent of uninsured Americans have signed up for Obamacare under the “Affordable” Care Act. That’s a grand total of 1.1 million of enrollees. That’s a drop in the bucket of the 48 million of Americans that have a “desperate need” for health insurance, the number that... Read more »

Dick Durbin also promised that you could keep your health insurance under Obamacare

President Barack Obama isn’t the only politician who falsely promised that Americans could keep their health insurance under Obamacare. Illinois’ very own Dick Durbin, the second most powerful Democrat in the U.S. Senate, adamantly and without qualification made the same promise in 2009 when the Affordable Care Act was being debated in the Senate. Durbin... Read more »

'Trying to fix Obamacare is like trying to polish a turd'

Yeah, that’s what Luke Chung, president and founder of  Virginia-based FMS, a software development firm based in Virginia, said about the Obama administration’s all-out efforts to try to repair the Obamacare sign-up site: Some tech experts suggest that repairing the existing Healthcare.gov is a hopeless cause and that it should be rebuilt entirely. Luke Chung, president... Read more »

Bill Clinton to Barack Obama: Keep your Obamacare promise

Even former president Bill Clinton is telling Barack Obama that he hasn’t treated millions of Americans well. Clinton says they should be allowed to keep their insurance if they want–as Obama promised. But that would take a change in the law–something that Obama has refused to do.