How to describe Biden's victory speech? Absurd? Preposterous? Incredible? Insulting? A steaming pile of crap?

(Joe Biden campaign website) President Joe Biden would have us believe that we won in Afghanistan. His Tuesday afternoon televised speech declared as much. Yeah sure, we’ve got them on the run. “Isis K, we are not done with you yet,” he proclaimed with a clenched jaw. “The United States will ever forgive or forget,”... Read more »

Herschel Walker, GOP Senate candidate in Georgia has Democrats in a panic

Herschel Walker, candidate for Georgia’s U.S. Senate seat. You can tell because a CNN idiot has launched an ugly personal attack against Walker. There might be a bigger idiot at CNN, but Chris Cillizza clearly is in the running with his, “A Herschel Walker candidacy is a total nightmare for Senate Republicans.” That’s not a... Read more »

The question no one asked of Biden about the Trump agreement to leave Afghanistan.

Sure he does (FoxNews) Did President Joe Biden claim that the agreement that Trump made with the Taliban to with withdraw U.S. forces from Afghanistan stipulate that they still could attack our allies, such as NATO partners Germany and France? I couldn’t believe my ears, so I went back to check the transcript: Joe Biden:... Read more »

At least 12 U.S. service members killed in Kabul. What now?

Will Biden finally do the right thing? At least 12 Marines and 60 Afghans were killed at the Kabul airport by terrorists. Another 15 U.S. service member and 200 Afghans were wounded. The last U.S. members to be killed in Afghanistan was in February, 2020. A crush of humanity was at the gates, spite the... Read more »

The copydesk should have caught these holes in the story below about Covid-19 and children.

Paolo Perrinez, 6, reacts after receiving a COVID-19 test by registered nurse Noreen Cheng, left, at a drive-thru testing site at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago on Aug. 25, 2021. (Antonio Perez / Chicago Tribune) If I were a city editor, and a reporter had handed me this story (above) I would have tossed it back... Read more »

What does the science REALLY say about the benefits of children wearing masks in school?

Chicago Tribune file. No proven benefit Panicked governors and school boards are rushing ahead with “mandates” requiring students to wear masks. Sadly, the assumed benefits are not supported by science. A recent, lengthy and solidly reported story in New York magazine’s Intelligencer by  David Zweig concludes that, “The science of masking kids at school remains... Read more »

Hello, trolls

Not that there are any on this site. I liked this: “Who Wants Biden to Fail?” by Charles Lipson  Oh, for the days when trolls were mythological creatures, living in Nordic caves. Today, they live online, poking us with bitter invective instead of intelligent arguments. That’s what some of President Biden’s defenders are doing, now... Read more »

The never-ending pandemic. How do we know when it's over?

Not until every last American is vaccinated? (Jose M. Osorio / Chicago Tribune) Maybe never. The way it’s going, there’ll be no end to the pandemic and the unnecessary partisan restrictions, regulations and rules that are running, and in some cases, ruining our lives. Especially those of our children, as the movement is rapidly spreading... Read more »

Americans shellack Biden for botched Afghan surrender.

Why is this man smiling? But who are the one in four blindly partisan Americans who approve of the disaster? It’s hard to believe that anyone in his right mind would approve of President Joe Biden’s disastrous handling of the withdrawal of American military forces from Afghanistan. But there they are in a new poll... Read more »

FBI finds scant evidence Jan. 6 was coordinated. MSNBC host: It's bad news for Trump

Mehdi Hasan (MSNBC) Reuters reported exclusively: WASHINGTON, Aug 20 (Reuters) – The FBI has found scant evidence that the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol was the result of an organized plot to overturn the presidential election result, according to four current and former law enforcement officials.Though federal officials have arrested more than 570 alleged participants, the... Read more »
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