What the hell is wrong with the FBI?

Its outrageous failure to protect America’s gymnasts from sexual abuse is the final straw. The FBI can start reforming itself by chiseling the name of J. Edgar Hoover off its headquarters building. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has not only been politicized to a scandalous extent, but the tale of its unbelievable incompetence in protecting... Read more »

White teacher's suit against Evanston grade school district moves along.

District 65 files laughable response. District 65 (Google maps) Stacy Deemar’s federal suit filed in June argues she is being discriminated against because she is required to learn and teach all the woke crap about white privilege. She claims her civil rights are violated under the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment and Title... Read more »

How to speak Bidenese


Here's a couple who offered to adopt an unwanted baby heading for an abortion.

Lots more people want to help. A personal story about how Aid for Women helped her through and after her pregnancy. There it is again, a question from a pro-choicer that’s intended as the final gotcha. This came from a regular reader in a comment on my column about the Texas abortion law: “Would you... Read more »

Actually, pro-choice extremists also want to overturn Roe v. Wade

A Democratic Senate bill would remove every last popular abortion limitation to defend a life, something possible under Roe Sen. Richard Blumenthal, author of legislation to make abortion legal at any time for any reason The Texas abortion law that the Supreme Court has allowed to go into effect indeed represents an effort by unalloyed... Read more »

Reprise: Afghanistan, Vietnam all over again.

Last July, I posted pictures of what the panicky withdrawal from Vietnam looked like in the 1970s, saying we are about to see the same thing in Afghanistan. That prediction was greeted with some amount of skepticism, but the scenes of our bug-out from Afghanistan are as sad and troubling of those from Vietnam. If... Read more »

Biological male, claiming to be female, at last charged for invading a women's locker room with a rod.

No such protections, though, for high school and other girls who are forced to share their shower and locker rooms with biological boys. Now open to one and all. I’ve long wondered whether a biological male claiming to be female could get away with walking around nude in a women’s locker room, his erect package... Read more »

Pension Obligation Bonds let politicians gamble with your money

Wirepoints’ warnings about Illinois police pension funds If you were deep in debt, but didn’t want to cut back on your “quality of life,” would the following set your financial house in order? Don’t cut back on the spending on your cars, cell phones, new furniture, entertainment and all the rest. Instead, go to the... Read more »

Isolationists also must take the blame for the Afghanistan catastrophe.

It’s not just Biden and Trump who should wear that jacket. The Taliban have taken over Afghanistan, except in the Panjshir Valley, were resisters in the Northern Alliance have killed 350 Taliban fighters and taken 40 hostage . As America hightails it out of Afghanistan, we’ve lost a crucial outpost that helps protect our national... Read more »

How to describe Biden's victory speech? Absurd? Preposterous? Incredible? Insulting? A steaming pile of crap?

(Joe Biden campaign website) President Joe Biden would have us believe that we won in Afghanistan. His Tuesday afternoon televised speech declared as much. Yeah sure, we’ve got them on the run. “Isis K, we are not done with you yet,” he proclaimed with a clenched jaw. “The United States will ever forgive or forget,”... Read more »
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