The arrival of Omicron gives America an unwarranted case of the willies.

But the rapid spread of the new Covid-19 variant more likely signals the end of the pandemic. With the emergence of the Omicron coronavirus variant, it looks like another round of senseless mandates has returned. Chicago, Cook County, New York City and other jurisdictions have pushed the panic button even though Omicron, while more contagious,... Read more »

Daunte Wright also is guilty.

Wanted for dodging a gun offense, he recklessly menaced a cop’s life while trying to escape Brooklyn Center, Minnesota officer Kim Potter has been convicted for first and second degree manslaughter for mistakenly shooting Daunte Wright. Cheers arose from outside the court house from a crowd that sported a “black lives matter” poster, as if Wright... Read more »

If Biden truly wants to end the Covid pandemic he should do this: Fire Fauci.

President Joe Biden, as usual, today was notably unimpressive, ill-prepared and far off-track when he blessed America with his latest “plan” to fight Covid. A half billion test kits for Americans is about the only significant, new element of his so-called plan–a step that was too late. (What he failed to discuss is what 100... Read more »

The new "deplorables" hand progressives their hat.

They’re pissed because rubes and hicks garroted their signature Big Back Better fiasco. Sure, they have spit their venom at West Virginia senator Joe Manchin for betraying their dreamy, stupid Build Back Better Act. But what riles them more is that Manchin’s West Virginians bested the progressive snobs who consider themselves intellectually and morally superior to those... Read more »

Wondering just how biased the corporate media is? Read this.

Tom Jones is the senior media writer for Poynter, the self-appointed guardian of all that is good and true in journalism (or what’s left of it). Jones, as his wont, blesses his readers today with his list of the best and worst of journalism in 2021: “Here’s a look back at the best and worst... Read more »

Hey, progressives. I'm the liberal. You're not.

Back in 1986 when I first started writing columns for the Chicago Sun-Times and serving on its editorial board, I was labeled Rupert Murdoch’s in-house, token liberal. I wrote in favor of school integration, Community Development Block Grants, cleaner environment and issued one of the earlier warnings about global warming. While Republicans were praising President... Read more »

We CAN fight the woke culture

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis outlines legislation that cancels the racist woke industry. Type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. My list is completely spam free, and you can opt out at any time.

Did you hear? Obama and Eric Holder condemn Illinois gerrymandering.

Don’t laugh. This is a map (left) proposed by Democrats that compares with the current map (left) which is no bargain either. Well, not quite. They’re condemning the gerrymandering of congressional and state districts only in states run by Republicans. As for the unabashed gerrymandering that Illinois Democrats have used to run the state for... Read more »

Dave Chappelle is just right: Ridicule Jussie Smollett.


CNN and other jerks irresponsibility twist Sen. Johnson's mouthwash coronavirus statement.

Sen. Ron Johnson (C-Span) The death of journalism, again. How many times can journalism die? Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) was recorded recommending steps everyone should take to stay healthy during the pandemic, including using mouthwash that can kill the coronavirus. CNN and other anti-journalists jumped all over him, accusing him of claiming, if not by... Read more »
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