DeSantis si, Trump nah.

The ex-president would be a sure loser in 2024. Donald Trump speaks with the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board on Monday, June 29, 2015. (Michael Tercha/Chicago Tribune) Former President Donald Trump is back on the campaign trail, demonstrating that he can still wind up a crowd of tens of thousands of adoring supporters. He’s running, whatever the... Read more »

DuPage County, Illinois Muslims and Chicago cops

Assorted news and views Bucolic DuPage County is losing it. (Chicago Tribune file) They’re also fleeing DuPage County A new report, “The US Counties Experiencing the Sharpest Population Declines since the Trump Administration,” repeats the news that suburban DuPage County is losing population. What’s new is that it ranks seventh in the nation among big... Read more »

Dem change of plans: VP Harris departs first, then Biden.

On the way out? The conventional wisdom among us right-wing conspiracy nuts is that President Joe Biden, whose flub-a-dub weaknesses are on full display, would serve a year (if he can make it) and then be removed* so Vice President Kamala Harris can take over. No longer. Biden is starting to look competent compared to... Read more »

Dogs and racism.

 “…pet welfare rules are based in ‘whiteness.” A paw(n) in the systemic racist white-privileged America Nothing escapes the all-seeing eye of Woke Big Brother. According to the College Fix, “Researchers with the University of Denver’s Institute for Human-Animal Connection, who argued that some animal control policies perpetuate racial and income inequities in the United States.” Here’s... Read more »

Tenure for Hannah-Jones sure says a lot about what's being taught in journalism.

The death of journalism VII. Hussman School of Journalism and Media, where the profession is further corroded. I’ve long wondered what’s being taught in journalism school ever since the profession’s role has become “truth teller” instead of old school “objective reporting.” The answer came yesterday when the University of North Carolina granted Nikole Hannah-Jones tenure... Read more »

Teacher who was fired for denying her"white privilege" gets the green light for her defamation lawsuit.

For a post on her Facebook page, she was called a racist. Sbe taught at Palatine High School for 20 years, but for posting her opinion about BLM, she was fired. Incredible. As reported by the Cook County Record: A former Palatine High School teacher will be allowed to continue with her defamation lawsuit against... Read more »

Give us your Venezuelans, yearning to breathe free

Fleeing a socialist nation, they’ll vote Republican Conventional commentary regards the thousands who are illegally crossing America’s southern border as feedstock for the Democratic Party. The thinking goes: Historically, immigrants have aligned with the Democratic Party, perceived as more welcoming of the tired, poor and huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Thus, the Democratic Biden... Read more »

"Perhaps the best thing about Kass leaving the Tribune is that Chicago currently has no conservative newspaper columnist."

The narrow-minded, anti-democratic left speaks John Greenfield, the transportation writer for the Reader, exults that Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass is taking the buyout offer from the new owners because, among other reasons, it leaves Chicago with “no conservative newspaper columnist.” Earlier today, I wrote that it’s not a good thing to shut out one... Read more »

No more local conservative columnists at Chicago's two daily newspapers?

John Kass was the last. Why is that? Update: Check out a newspaper columnist here who believes no conservative Chicago newspaper columnist is a great thing. My appologies if I’ve overlooked a conservative columnist remaining at the Chicago Tribune or the Chicago Sun-Times. When John Kass took the buy-out from the Alden, the Tribune’s new... Read more »

Black man challenges critical race theory.

How did I get two medical degrees, he asks, if I’m oppressed?