Can electric cars withstand a Chicago winter?

This anonymous writer must be a Chicagoan who remembers that 2011 blizzard that stalled about 1,000 cars on Lake Shore Dr. I hadn’t thought about these problems; maybe there’s an answer somewhere out there about why this shouldn’t be a problem. Snow, Traffic Jams, and Electric Cars. Has anyone thought about this? If all cars... Read more »

Democrats don't give a damn about babies after they're born

Pro-life advocates, we’re often instructed by pro-abortion backers, don’t give a damn about children after they’re born, as if the pro-life side is so cruel and evil that they’d let children suffer once they’re delivered. Of course it’s nonsense. Compare, for example, how many hospitals, social services and other humanitarian causes that the pro-life Catholic... Read more »

Rescue children from mask hell.

The science has become so persuasive that children don’t need to suffer by breathing through a mask that making them do so can only be regarded as child abuse. You can help free them from this hell by backing legislation that would prevent misguided or power hungry educators from torturing children. Go here to sign... Read more »

It's OK, Mayor Lightfoot, I don't interview blacks anyway.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot doesn’t seem to understand what’s wrong with her decision to do one-on-one interviews only with black or brown journalists on the second anniversary of her inauguration. She said it’s a valid way of exposing the implied racism of Chicago media because black and brown journalists are disproportionately represented in the City Hall... Read more »

Trump was right; the polls got it wrong, by an historical margin

A study reveals the polls overstated Democratic support This doesn’t prove that the election was stolen from him. But it sure gives credence to his frequent, but usually ridiculed, charge that the presidential polls were “phony polls, fake polls.” The Wall Street Journal reported, Trump-Biden Was Worst Presidential Polling Miss in 40 Years, Panel Says.Surveys... Read more »

Kamala Harris is the new George W. Bush

Bush blundered when he flew over the Katrina devastation. Harris can’t bring herself to get even that close. Fifteen years ago former President George W. Bush virtually knifed his political career by failing to visit in person the devastation that hurricane Katrina dumped on the drowning New Orleans. President George W. Bush surveys hurricane Katrina’s... Read more »

But will retailers and others still require us to wear indoor masks?

Walmart, Costco and a few others are dropping the mandate, but what about the many others? Churches, doctors offices, big box stores, pharmacies, schools and universities, sports stadiums, theaters, post offices, government buildings and more independent and private retailers still are requiring masks be worn inside. Two shoppers in face masks head into Costco as... Read more »

How involved was Fauci in the origination of the novel virus that caused COVID-19?

Top-notch investigative journalism details his link to the Wuhan lab that probably created the virus. According to a Wall Street Journal report: Before Covid-19 ravaged the world, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases funded coronavirus research that included work at China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology. The idea was to study the ability... Read more »

We don't have enough inflation. Let's pump more trillions into the economy to make sure we do.

Biden and his administration are blind to the facts in front of their eyes–as usual. If you were born after the 1980s, you don’t have first-hand knowledge of the kind of devastation that rampaging inflation can cause. Trust me; it was brutal. Our mortgage interest was 14 percent. People on fixed incomes saw their buying... Read more »

Get your fetal body parts here.

Planned Parenthood, again. Using tissues from aborted babies for research apparently doesn’t bother some people because for them a baby in the womb isn’t a real person, can’t feel pain, has no right to live and will survive only at someone else’s discretion–for whatever reason, including convenience. For me, it is too close to human... Read more »
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