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A letter from the dark, thirsty and frozen Texas

Below is a letter from a good friend, Steve Huntley, who moved from Chicago a few years ago to Texas. Think you have it bad? Keep reading: Greetings from the frozen tundra of central Texas. Snow and ice every where. Yes it’s cold down here — what you Chicagoans expect in a normal winter, but... Read more »

'Winter Brain Fog Is Real. Here’s How to Beat It'

It’s pertinent advice for us oldsters from Silver Sneakers: It’s no secret that most people feel like hibernating in the winter, but new research reveals your memory may actually go into hiding during the colder months. A 2018 study from Columbia University found memory and concentration peak in the late summer months for adults in... Read more »

Mars warmer than Chicago

During the height (depth?) of last week’s Chicago temperature plunge to below zero, I got a link to the Daily Mail from my good friend and brother-in-law Frank from Jacksonville (Fla.) to a story suggesting that we might like to move to Mars. The story noted that, “The daily high on Mars was 17.6 F,... Read more »

What happened to this year's hurricanes?

The general perception is that we’ve had much fewer than normal. AccuWeather warns that against being too hasty: reports conditions have been limiting the intensity of tropical systems in the Atlantic basin so far this season, but the season is far from over. Gustav was the first hurricane of the season, but it will not be the... Read more »

Video: WTF! Was that my car that just got eaten by that sinkhole?

A sinkhole on the Southeast Side opened up and gobble three cars. WGN got there just in time to see one car fall and the (presumably) the owner rushing out to find out what the (&^%( happened. Notice the firemen waiting around waiting for the car to keel over, unable to do anything. Look closely;... Read more »

Alleluia. The extreme heat in Chicago may be over.

Accuweather reports that the norther tier of states, including the Great Lake region could be in for some relief from the infernal hot days. “The extreme heat we saw… We’re not going to see those extremes anymore,” Margusity said. “We will still have hot days, but those are going to be few and far between from... Read more »

Why wasn't Daley himself shoveling out cars gridlocked by the blizzard on Lake Shore Drive?

Lake Shore Drive is open for business on Thursday morning after having been shut down since Tuesday night. (E. Jason Wambsgans, Chicago Tribune / February 3, 2011) I’m waiting for the first idiot to ask that question. You knew that as soon as the reports of hundreds of cars stalled on LSD (the Outer Drive... Read more »

Live views of the snow-bound drivers on LSD


Gery Chico pushing a car out of snow

Got to hand it to him, for being the first to get out a video of him pushing a car out of the snow. Of course, he’s not the first to do it. Newark Mayor Cory Booker did the same thing about a month ago. Political stunts? I suppose so, but kudos for getting out... Read more »

Nominations for the most unlucky blizzard guy

Alex Clifford receives congratulations from Metra’s board after he is appointed the rail agency’s new executive driector Tuesday. (José M. Osorio, Chicago Tribune / February 1, 2011) >My nomination goes to the new exectuive running Metra, Chicago’s commuter rail system. Alex Clifford was introduced to everyone the day before the blizzard hit. So, here he comes... Read more »
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