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All aboard the fantasy express to O'Hare Airport

Imagine zooming 125 m.p.h underground from downtown to O’Hare Airport on a new express train and getting there in plenty of time of find out your flight has been delayed–again. Imagine making that trip in a promised 20 minutes from O’Hare to downtown after it took your flight 20 minutes to get to the terminal gate... Read more »

Frontier Airlines' macro aggression against its passengers

The airlines’ reputation for jerking around its passengers, treating them as if they were cargo instead of people continues to grow unabated. Add this to the outrages,  in case you’re thinking of flying Frontier: Yesterday Frontier Airlines rang in the New Year in San Antonio by cancelling all of their flights WITHOUT notifying their passengers. Travelers were... Read more »

Build the Franklin St. connector

The Franklin Street Connector was a proposed link between the Dan Ryan Expressway and an interchange with Lower Wacker Dr. It didn’t materialize, but it was never more needed than when it was proposed in the early 1970s. Evidence of its need is the constant and annoying backup on the northbound Dan Ryan leading to the... Read more »

Rahm's latest flight of fancy: a high-speed subway train to O'Hare

Chicago’s public schools are broke, property taxes are sky high, savage gang wars rake the South and West sides, and so on and so on. So here comes Mayor Rahm Emanuel ballyhooing an out-of-sight costly subway to link the Loop and O’Hare Airport with high-speed trains. (Here and here.) Irresponsible. Nutty. Insane. The cost, disruption... Read more »

United Airlines pries a paying passenger out of his seat

No it wasn’t because he was stuck in one of those ever-shrinking seats in the back of the cattle car euphemistically called the economy section. It was because United needed four seats for a flight crew that had to be in another city. United had “overbooked” the flight and four passengers had to go, whether... Read more »

More problems for the Elgin-O'Hare Expressway

Seems the Illinois Toll Highway Authority wants to take a part of the Canadian Pacific’s Bensenville freight yards to build the planned southern portion of the Elgin-O’Hare Expressway. The railroad has filed suit to prevent it from happening, arguing that it would hinder operations in the railroad’s huge and only yards in the Chicago area.... Read more »

Chicago again buggers Bensenville and its neighbors--O'Hare's disappearing western terminal

Chief among Chicago’s promises a decade ago when it laid out plans for O’Hare Airport expansion was a 50-gate terminal on the airport’s western edge. Northwest suburbs gradually dropped their opposition to the expansion as visions of an economic boom danced in their  heads, made possible by the western terminal and its access roads: The... Read more »

Per-mile road tax crashes in Illinois; but moves ahead in California

Loopy ideas tend to drift eastward from Moonbeam Land (California) and it was no less so with the idea of making Illinois motorists pay a “fee” (i.e. at tax) for every mile they drive. Illinois Senate President John Cullerton in the spring proposed Senate Bill 3267 that  would force  all motorists, including drivers of electric cars, to pay... Read more »

Chicago should deregulate taxis instead of piling on Uber

Instead of making it tougher for Uber and Lyft drivers to operate,  Chicago should make it easier to drive a cab. Instead of imposing more onerous restrictions on the popular Uber and Lyft services, the City Council should lighten up on taxi regulations, making it easier for cabs to compete. Not to be in Chicago,... Read more »

The inexcusably, intolerably long TSA line at O'Hare Airport

When getting through the inexcusably and intolerably long TSA security line at O’Hare Airport as we were  leaving on Friday for Washington, D.C., I thought that it might have been anomalous. After all, why would United Airlines, in whose terminal the lines stretch to near-horizon length, put up with their customers being treated so contemptuously. The... Read more »
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