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Engineers get insufficient credit for NASA' Perseverance Mars landing

Once again, reporters and commentators are displaying their ignorance by praising the spectacular success of NASA’s Perseverance Mars landing as a “great scientific achievement.” Not to diminish the importance of the feat in the realm of science, it was a far greater achievement in engineering. Once again, engineering is taking a back seat to the improperly used... Read more »

A deep exploration of the science and data of the coronavirus

How do you have a rational discussion when someone says he is “following the science” when it is so obvious he is ignorant of the science. Case in point: The argument that Chicago teachers are “following the science” when they refuse to return to their jobs in the classroom because they are so “at risk.” Truth... Read more »

What if the coronavirus disease isn't as contagious as experts and the media say?

It’s time to step back and question the God-given wisdom about how contagious is COVID-19 and the mutant that’s making all the headlines. At least one scientist questions the methodology of the models that determine the contagiousness of the virus, suggesting that the danger of the pandemic could be overstated. The study, “The Coronavirus Response: Boxed in... Read more »

One example of how a wealthy suburban school system is ruining kids

“Ruining” is not too strong of a word to describe what the shutdown of in-classroom instruction is doing to our kids and grandkids Here are some of the ways that the Fairfax County, Virginia school board and its superintendent are hurting our children by their ineptitude and failure to follow the science. School officials all... Read more »

Who deserves the Nobel Peace Prize more, Trump or Obama?

Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize totally on the come. He had done nothing to deserve it. Nor through his entire eight years as president did he. Nor did anything he did anything afterwards. Other than stand aside while Syrian monster Bashar al-Assad used weapons of mass destruction (deadly chemicals) on his own people.... Read more »

Now what? Will the woke next cancel Charles Darwin?

Before reading the story, I tried to figure out from the story’s headline why Charles Darwin, one of the pioneers of modern science, would be cancelled. The headline read: “UK’s Natural History Museum to Review ‘Offensive’ Charles Darwin Exhibits, Bowing to BLM Pressure.” Try as I might, I couldn’t figure it out, thus prompting me... Read more »

Finally, the huge crowds will tell us just how deadly COVID-19 really is

  The black lives matter protests in which caution and social distancing were thrown to the winds. The Trump rally in Tulsa inside a convention hall. And the three-day Republican convention in Jacksonville at which Trump will give his acceptance speech. The people in attendance might not consider themselves to be part of the largest, most... Read more »

Blindly following "the science" into ruin

Aren’t you sick of politicians calling down “science” on the heads of anyone who disagrees with their politicalization of the coronavirus pandemic to justify their poisonous economic lockdowns. It brings to mind a similar scenario: In the 1970s, Chicago began installing high-pressure sodium streetlights that “science” told us would be disastrous. A campaign was launched to halt the... Read more »

'Winter Brain Fog Is Real. Here’s How to Beat It'

It’s pertinent advice for us oldsters from Silver Sneakers: It’s no secret that most people feel like hibernating in the winter, but new research reveals your memory may actually go into hiding during the colder months. A 2018 study from Columbia University found memory and concentration peak in the late summer months for adults in... Read more »

Garbage social science becomes biblical dogma

Social science has become a  bludgeon, the last and final weapon that progressives use to silence their enemies, which are reason, common sense, logic and observed reality. As a Russell Sage post-graduate fellow in Social Science Writing at the University of Wisconsin Madison in the 1960s, I have watched in dismay–actually disgust–at how the once descriptive social and... Read more »
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