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Way ta go, Dems. You've turned Marjorie Taylor Greene into a national hero

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the freshman from Georgia, fired back this morning at the close-minded Democrats and 11 Republicans that booted her off her House committee assignments. At a press conference (below) she established herself as possibly the most eloquent, graceful, powerful and rational congressman in either party. And one of the most visible person in... Read more »

The case against Trump

President Donald Trump wears the jacket for the mob that assaulted Congress. Sure, he said he wanted his apostles to walk “peacefully” to Congress to raise their voices in opposition to the ratification of Joe Biden’s election. He also said that he would march with them but then retreated to the safety of the White... Read more »

The death of clean American elections

Put aside for now the question of whether the presidential election was “rigged” against Donald Trump. Put aside the partisan pronouncements about whether Trump or Joe Biden is the legitimately elected president. Let’s instead take an objective, nonpartisan look at whether the election was was good enough to become an acceptable template for elections to come. I think... Read more »

Ya’ll made a hash of the election don’t ya know.

By ya’ll I mean all you Democrats and Republicans, liberals, progressives and conservatives. President Donald Trump and President-elect Joe Biden and your campaigns. Just about all of you stated as fact prior to the election that it would be rigged. Obviously, whoever lost would keep up the drumbeat while the winner would dismiss the possibility... Read more »

Ted Cruz: Democrats haven't "laid a glove on Amy Barrett"

Nor will they in this, the second day of the hearings into the confirmation of Amy Barrett to the Supreme Court. As if throwing in the towel, Democrats have used their time in the hearings not to plumb the depths of Barrett’s intelligence and commitment to the law, but as free campaign time to deliver a... Read more »

So, where IS the Republican health care plan?

Republicans and most particularly President Donald Trump have screwed up politically by failing to come up with a replacement health care plan for Obamacare that is believable, comprehensive, affordable and practicable. The usual GOP excuse is that the Democrats in their blind partisanship would kill any such plan. Except Republicans never came up with a realistic... Read more »

So, who would Biden name to the Supreme Court?

It seems only fair. The over-wrought Democratic rhetoric demands that President Donald Trump not nominate anyone until “the people” have had a chance to make whom they want to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg. That would be by electing someone who would appoint a high court nominee who best reflects voter’s views. In line with that, we know from... Read more »

Are the Republican and Democratic parties experiencing a sea change?

Are the political’ “bases” swapping parities, as some commentators are observing? The last, big realignment of parties was decades ago, when Southern voters began joining the Republican Party. Critics said they were doing it because of the Richard Nixon’s “racist Souther strategy” designed to bring aboard segregationists who were abandoning their tradition Democratic loyalties. Others... Read more »

Trump did Sessions wrong; Sessions comes out as the better man

Former attorney general and senator Jeff Sessions was defeated in the Alabama Republican primary, thank you very much Donald Trump, you self-absorbed narcissist. Sessions was trying to reclaim his former Senate seat after he resigned as attorney general, but Trump, in a pique that would embarrass any sane or emotionally stable person, endorsed Sessions’ opponent, Tommy... Read more »

Dump Trump

Donald Trump, narcissist extraordinaire, will have to wear the jacket if he loses the presidential election. But if he loses, he will blame everyone except himself. And in his self-destruction, he will take the Republican Party and the conservative agenda down with him. Although I’m loathe to make political predictions, the signs are not good as he... Read more »