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Saying that you're not racist is violent racism

This is from a Canadian professor, according to the Western Standard: “Being ‘not racist’ is a form of ‘racist violence’” Claiming to be “not racist” is actually a form of racism because it perpetuates the myth that it’s possible to not be racist, says a U of C prof and the school’s vice provost. “But I’m... Read more »

Marquette University promotes segregation

In its misguided efforts to promote inclusion, the Jesuit and Milwaukee Marquette University is actually promoting division and segregation. According to the College Fix, Marquette is considering blacks-only housing, a “solution” that is counter-productive, increases isolation for black students, excludes white students and promotes an “us against them” climate. The idea was propagated by a petition... Read more »

Here's your daily dose of BS: "Most of the violence lately is right-wing extremism"

  Where do I start? This blind-as-a-stone assertion came from  Heidi Beirich, co-founder of the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism, a group dedicated to nailing right-wing extremists for today’s violence. Her full quote is, “Most of the violence lately is right-wing extremism, but that doesn’t mean that groups on the left aren’t using social... Read more »

The twisting of American history

Once again, we’re being subjected to lectures about how Americans are ignorant of their nation’s history of slavery. As if it is being ignored intentionally because white Americans hate black Americans. Among the charges is the assertion that the history of slavery has been “erased” from American history. Appearing in the Washington Post was this... Read more »

Jacob Blake's a hero?

The way the New York Times tells it, he is a hero. But as Ben Shapiro points out in this tweet: Shapiro notes: The only mention of his alleged crimes — for which there was an open warrant, and the alleged victim of whom called the police in the first place — comes in paragraph... Read more »

The police are NOT responsible for Michael Brown's death; the myth of cop killing innocents lives on

Here we go again. Six years after he was killed while assaulting a police officer, Michael Brown continues to be remembered as a victim, a martyr in the war on cops and anyone who believes most are doing the best they can in the face of a dangerous campaign to defame them. Brittany Ferrell, an... Read more »

What if black and left-wing activists armed themselves?

Civil war, we’re told. But only because black and left-wing activists are rational and peaceful are we avoiding a civil war. In other words, those crazy, gun-loving rightwingnuts are irrational and violent, unlike the sainted left. Eric Zorn asks in a recent column whether, “Kenosha could spark an armed escalation if activists on the left embrace... Read more »

Brian Urlacher and the woke's robotic story about Kenosha

In danger of being branded a racist nincompoop, I’d like to say Chicago Bears Hall of Fame linebacker Brian Urlacher’s bronze bust in the Pro Football Hall of Fame shouldn’t be smeared with paint and cancelled.  I haven’t heard that demand being voiced yet, but give it time. Urlacher is being  scorched in the regular and social media for criticizing... Read more »

Wait, is "implicit bias" what this racial upheaval is about?

My mother used to tell me as a little boy when I’d show her my pouting lower lip , “Is this how you’re going to act if someone looks at you cross-eyed?” It was her way of preparing me for life’s little rejections–in today’s woke terminology “micro aggressions.” As in “Sticks and stone will break my bones, but... Read more »

Unpacking the New York Times biased reporting of Trump's Rushmore speech

On the whole, I thought that President Donald Trump’s Mount Rushmore speech had enough positive notes to deserve at least a mention. Putting a punctuation mark on the affirmative, he ended the speech with “…the best is yet to come.” But the New York Times reporter, Annie Karni, decided, I guess, that it wasn’t worth a mention. Instead... Read more »
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