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I was terribly wrong. I apologize

Andrew Cuomo for president That was the headline on my post from March 24, 2020. I wrote: If I were a Democrat–which I’m not, but which I used to be before I was expelled for being pro-life and culturally conservative–I would want Andrew Cuomo as my nominee for president of the United States. His televised briefings... Read more »

Let's have a rational discussion about vote reform

Let’s put aside the argument that Democrats stole the election and examine the obvious problems with the flawed process. And fix those problems, whether we do it now or later. Some of the problems highlighted by this year’s election: Chain of custody. At no time should the ballots be out of the hands of election... Read more »

The useless, stupid fight over whom to blame for Covid-19

I think I can speak for many Americans when I say that we are sick to death of one side blaming the other for the coronavirus pandemic and the Covid-19 illness it causes. Especially specious and tiresome is the argument that things would have been different and markedly better, depending upon whom is in the... Read more »

Pence cleaned Harris' clock

Vice President Mike Pence scored point after point in the vice-presidential debate with Sen. Kamala Harris. Obviously, whom you think won has much to do with your politics. But when it comes to the horrible job that President Donald Trump did in his debate last week, Pence was clear, precise, calm and thorough. He had more... Read more »

Are the Republican and Democratic parties experiencing a sea change?

Are the political’ “bases” swapping parities, as some commentators are observing? The last, big realignment of parties was decades ago, when Southern voters began joining the Republican Party. Critics said they were doing it because of the Richard Nixon’s “racist Souther strategy” designed to bring aboard segregationists who were abandoning their tradition Democratic loyalties. Others... Read more »

Trump did Sessions wrong; Sessions comes out as the better man

Former attorney general and senator Jeff Sessions was defeated in the Alabama Republican primary, thank you very much Donald Trump, you self-absorbed narcissist. Sessions was trying to reclaim his former Senate seat after he resigned as attorney general, but Trump, in a pique that would embarrass any sane or emotionally stable person, endorsed Sessions’ opponent, Tommy... Read more »

Dump Trump

Donald Trump, narcissist extraordinaire, will have to wear the jacket if he loses the presidential election. But if he loses, he will blame everyone except himself. And in his self-destruction, he will take the Republican Party and the conservative agenda down with him. Although I’m loathe to make political predictions, the signs are not good as he... Read more »

Thank for exposing the coronavirus and other money-grabbing

Based in the Chicago area, is a leading unmasker of how government at all levels wastes your taxes on useless, stinky, misguided and suspect stuff. Its motto is “Every Dime. Online. In Real Time.” Some of its recent work that the not-for-profit itemized: When Illinois asked for a $41.6 billion bailout, it exposed the 109,881 public employees... Read more »

Say it ain't so, Joe

Joe Biden indeed said it ain’t so, with the same conviction and instensity as when then-President Bill Clinton fibbed that, “I did not have sex with that woman…Monica Lewinsky.” Which is to say that a denial, no matter how strenuously made, is only the start. As when Chicago Daily News reporter Charley Owens said,“Say it ain’t so, Joe”... Read more »

Illinois taxpayers are NOT required to keep feeding the state workers' pension funds

Why has feeding Illinois government workers’ pensions funds taken precedence over other desperate needs, especially as the coronavirus has added another crippling dimension to state’s already deadly fiscal crisis? Here’s a surprise: Illinois taxpayers don’t have to.  Not even to conform to the state’s constitution requirement that no government worker’s pension benefits can be diminished. No doubt... Read more »
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