Category: Political Correctness

Hey, suburban soccer moms, how do you like your Joe Biden now?

Are you okay with biological boys competing against your daughter in sports, or using a bathroom, locker room and shower with her? Among the flurry of executive orders that President Joe Biden signed on his first day in office was one that puts a fully equipped biological male, among others, into your teenage daughters’ high... Read more »

Did President Biden listen to his own advice about "unity?"

It didn’t appear that some of his supporters did. That was a nice inaugural speech that President Joe Biden gave–as in kind, cordial, gentle and okay. Widely acclaimed for having struck “the right note,” Biden deployed every cliche, bromide and platitude to call the country back to his notion of unity. Until he didn’t, when he tossed another... Read more »

In defense of Qanon's right of free speech

During this wide-ranging campaign by Google and other social media giants to snuff out the ability of some Americans to speak freely, hasn’t anyone wondered what it is they’re saying that is so worthy of being cast into the darkness? Is what Qanon says so much more dangerous that depriving Americans of  conversations and debates upon which our form... Read more »

Parallels between the public shaming by the woke movement and Mao Zedong

No, the public shaming that the Chinese Red Guard used to force conformance under the regime of communist murderer/tyrant Mao Zedong is not the same as the public shaming conducted today by the Woke Dictators. But the similarities are well worth noting. As in this video. If this doesn’t scare you, then you have no understanding... Read more »

The Pre-Columbian Americas were not idyllic

Here is a question that ought to be contemplated: But since the quincentennial celebration (1992) progressives have been harshly denouncing the event [Columbus Day celebrations] as resulting in deliberate genocide of the peaceful, ecology-minded, indigenous peoples. According to the new conventional wisdom, Christopher Columbus and his discovery of the Americas is an epochal catastrophe that... Read more »

For me to win, you must lose. Commentary on Columbus Day

  And with the approach of another Columbus Day, I am again reminded of something that someone once said: “For me to win, you must lose.” Or to put it in contemporary terms: To recognize America’s indigenous peoples, it is necessary to trash Christopher Columbus. In order to acknowledge the injustices committed against Native Americans and... Read more »

Marquette University promotes segregation

In its misguided efforts to promote inclusion, the Jesuit and Milwaukee Marquette University is actually promoting division and segregation. According to the College Fix, Marquette is considering blacks-only housing, a “solution” that is counter-productive, increases isolation for black students, excludes white students and promotes an “us against them” climate. The idea was propagated by a petition... Read more »

AP stylebook: Don't call a riot a "riot"

This takes balls. The Associated Press style that most of the press follows, says that a riot is not a riot. The AP’s “guidance” says, according to The AP dictates that “unrest” should be used instead of the word “riot” because it’s less “emotional.” The AP then points out how great the words “protest”... Read more »

Now what? Will the woke next cancel Charles Darwin?

Before reading the story, I tried to figure out from the story’s headline why Charles Darwin, one of the pioneers of modern science, would be cancelled. The headline read: “UK’s Natural History Museum to Review ‘Offensive’ Charles Darwin Exhibits, Bowing to BLM Pressure.” Try as I might, I couldn’t figure it out, thus prompting me... Read more »

The outrageous attack on Nick Sandman continues

From the usual suspects: “ACLU staffer fumes at university for accepting Nick Sandmann, calls it a ‘stain’ on the school: report.” Will the woke fanatics ever learn? The slander of Nick Sandman, the student who stood calmly in front of an activist who was chanting in his face has been widely rebutted. CNN has settled a... Read more »
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