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The smug indifference of teachers unions is breaking a generation of kids

Lawrence Jones provides more reasons for why parents and students, if not everyone else, should be angry, actually furious, about the evil that has visited our children because of the overwrought COVID-19 lockdown. If you think you are wise and well-informed by supporting the teachers unions’ obstinate and self-serving campaign for their members to stay... Read more »

Do Biden or Pritzker give a flying fig about the children?

No. If they did, they would use their authority and bully pulpit to get the Chicago teachers back in the classroom. Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker has the power to order Illinoisans to “shelter” in their h0mes, to ruin businesses and to padlock the schools. He’s a Democrat, the same party as Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, yet... Read more »

Are begging or empty threats enough to get Chicago teachers to return to school?

We shall see. In the meantime, the Chicago Teachers Union continues abusing children Mayor Lori Lightfoot in a sometimes emotional press conference Thursday morning said the ball is in the court of the Chicago Teachers Union if an agreement is to be reached got re-open the city’s schools. I think the ball is in her... Read more »

Mayor Lightfoot, drop the hammer on the Chicago Teachers Union

CTU isn’t just keeping kids out of school; it’s spreading misinformation about the dangers of classroom learning Monday will tell the tale of whether Chicago public school teachers care as much about their students as the leaders of the CTU claim. That’s when the Chicago Public Schools has ordered 15,000 teachers to return to their classrooms... Read more »

Not content with shafting the kids, CTU demands more power to do more damage

House Bill 2275, on Pritzker’s desk, would free the union to bargain over items it has no business having a hand in Under current Illinois law, the Chicago Public Schools is not required to bargain with Chicago Teachers Union over such management prerogatives as class size, length of the school day and year, class schedules, academic calendar, places of... Read more »

Teachers, stop underrating yourselves

Teaching in the world’s most important profession. Bar none. Teachers are more important than doctors, who tend to our physical health. Teachers tend to our whole person–things academic, ethical, emotional and more. Most important, how well they do doesn’t just impact the individual student. It affects everyone around the students–parents, relatives, friends, acquaintances, even strangers. Not... Read more »

Time to cancel the Chicago Tribune Guild's executive board?

That’s the board of the union representing Chicago Tribune workers that gave a whole new meaning to “solidarity.” Turning from the traditional role of rattling management’s cage, the Chicago Tribune Guild’s leadership turned on a fellow employee, the Tribune’s lead columnist John Kass. In a widely circulated letter, the executive board accused Kass of writing a column... Read more »

Illinois taxpayers are NOT required to keep feeding the state workers' pension funds

Why has feeding Illinois government workers’ pensions funds taken precedence over other desperate needs, especially as the coronavirus has added another crippling dimension to state’s already deadly fiscal crisis? Here’s a surprise: Illinois taxpayers don’t have to.  Not even to conform to the state’s constitution requirement that no government worker’s pension benefits can be diminished. No doubt... Read more »

Government pensions gobble up money that should go to the developmentally disabled

People with developmental disabilities in Illinois are going without services that make their lives better because there’s not enough money, according to a Chicago Tribune article. “Nearly 20,000 adults with developmental disabilities are waiting for help from the state to live on their own”, describes how the state has failed to meet court-approved targets that... Read more »

"Illinois is the class dunce"

That’s what the Economist called Illinois in this article: State of denial – America’s public-sector pension schemes are trillions of dollars short* Police officers, teachers and other public workers face a brutal reckoning As the Economist reported: Illinois is the class dunce, with six languishing [pension] schemes. Chicago Municipal is just 25% funded and the... Read more »
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