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Rahm's latest flight of fancy: a high-speed subway train to O'Hare

Chicago’s public schools are broke, property taxes are sky high, savage gang wars rake the South and West sides, and so on and so on. So here comes Mayor Rahm Emanuel ballyhooing an out-of-sight costly subway to link the Loop and O’Hare Airport with high-speed trains. (Here and here.) Irresponsible. Nutty. Insane. The cost, disruption... Read more »

In a betrayal of Chicago promise to suburbs, western terminal disappears from O'Hare expansion plans

O’Hare Airport’s west suburban neighbors again are getting the shaft. Many of them gave up their fight against O’Hare Airport expansion with the promise of a new terminal that would be built on the airport’s west side. The western suburbs believed that the 50-gate terminal and new western access from the extended Elgin-O’Hare Expressway and a... Read more »

More problems for the Elgin-O'Hare Expressway

Seems the Illinois Toll Highway Authority wants to take a part of the Canadian Pacific’s Bensenville freight yards to build the planned southern portion of the Elgin-O’Hare Expressway. The railroad has filed suit to prevent it from happening, arguing that it would hinder operations in the railroad’s huge and only yards in the Chicago area.... Read more »

Chicago again buggers Bensenville and its neighbors--O'Hare's disappearing western terminal

Chief among Chicago’s promises a decade ago when it laid out plans for O’Hare Airport expansion was a 50-gate terminal on the airport’s western edge. Northwest suburbs gradually dropped their opposition to the expansion as visions of an economic boom danced in their  heads, made possible by the western terminal and its access roads: The... Read more »

TSA boss shows up; poof, the long lines at O'Hare Airport disappear

Those insufferably long lines at O’Hare Airport suddenly disappeared when TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger arrived in Chicago to meet  with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Senator Dick Durbin and the CEOs of United, American and Southwest airlines. A least one broadcast (Fox Business) from O’Hare showed an astonishing absence of passengers waiting to get through the TSA’s... Read more »

A surefire way to speed up the TSA lines at O'Hare and other airports

Here’s a surefire way to speed up those awfully long TSA security lines at O’Hare and other airports: Charge passengers an extra fee for bringing aboard those carry-on suitcases–the ones that slow down the baggage check in the TSA lines and make boarding and leaving airplanes so time-consuming and frustrating. In return, the airlines should... Read more »

Do NOT privatize TSA security at O'Hare Airport

As someone who often favors privatization of incompetent, slap-dash and uncaring government work, I have to implore: Do NOT privatize TSA security at O’Hare Airport as Mayor Rahm Emanuel and some “powerful” Chicago aldermen are suggesting. That’s because they’ll hand over our safety to the Chicago Way of doing things. In other words, they’ll put... Read more »

The inexcusably, intolerably long TSA line at O'Hare Airport

When getting through the inexcusably and intolerably long TSA security line at O’Hare Airport as we were  leaving on Friday for Washington, D.C., I thought that it might have been anomalous. After all, why would United Airlines, in whose terminal the lines stretch to near-horizon length, put up with their customers being treated so contemptuously. The... Read more »

O'Hare Airport's stinky reputation worsens

Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport was never a traveler’s favorite, but now, in their view, it has fallen even further out of favor. It might surprise some flyers, but passengers once ranked O’Hare Airport as the world’s 92nd best. That high, really? But now,  O’Hare Airport has fallen off the list of the “world’s 100 best... Read more »

Chicago, airlines desperate to make O'Hare Airport expansion look, well, just okay

Chicago Tribune transportation reporter Jon Hilkevitch has another revealing story today about a predicted (by opponents and aviation experts) failure of O’Hare Airport expansion: The length of time that it’ll take to get the airplanes to and from the gates. His opening sentence cleverly captures the situation: Tom Cablk was on one of American Airlines’ new nonstop... Read more »
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