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More bad news for Chicago: Financing O'Hare Airport expansion is sketchy

Crain’s Chicago Business reports: A ratings agency is warning about the financial risks that await O’Hare International Airport if it moves further ahead with a roughly $8.5 billion rebuild and expansion of terminals while the airline industry is reeling from a global pandemic. Moody’s Investors Service yesterday gave a negative outlook on O’Hare debt, warning... Read more »

Teachers, stop underrating yourselves

Teaching in the world’s most important profession. Bar none. Teachers are more important than doctors, who tend to our physical health. Teachers tend to our whole person–things academic, ethical, emotional and more. Most important, how well they do doesn’t just impact the individual student. It affects everyone around the students–parents, relatives, friends, acquaintances, even strangers. Not... Read more »

More Chicago book cooking at O'Hare Airport

Greg Hinz  at Crain’s reports: How has COVID affected O’Hare’s finances? City Hall won’t tell you. With passenger traffic down as much as 95 percent, Team Lightfoot stonewalls questions on whether revenue at the region’s key economic engine has followed suit. Despite clear signs of plummeting traffic at Chicago’s airports, senior Lightfoot administration officials refuse to release financial data... Read more »

Chicago bigshots to South Side and south suburbs: Screw you

Whether it has been a giant giveaway like the Obama Center defacing Jackson Park or the boondoggle of all boondoggles like O’Hare Airport expansion, Chicago always thinks big. Big was installed in Chicago’s DNA when famed architect Daniel Burnham advised the city to “Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood.” Except... Read more »

O'Hare Airport expansion headed for a crash landing

Even though the airline industry is heading for a crash landing thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the city of Chicago, with typical aplomb promises that the $8.7 billion Taj Mahal O’Hare Expansion project is taking off as scheduled. Apparently not noticing that United and American airlines–the duopoly that runs O’Hare–and other airlines are losing tens of millions... Read more »

Another predictable muddle at O'Hare Airport

The expansion of O’Hare Airport wouldn’t solve its delay problems because there won’t be enough gates to handle the traffic. That was the prediction 16 years ago in 2003 from some aviation expertswhen Mayor Richard M. Daley was selling everyone on the idea that his mega-bucks expansion would reduce delays by 76 percent. Didn’t happen.... Read more »

Finally! Investigators probe waste and corruption at O'Hare Airport

UPDATE: Read the Better Government Report here. “No other major airport has borrowed so much, and accomplished so little, records show.” Original post: I’ve become something of a scold about how for decades pols have gotten away with the biggest boondoggle in the history of the Chicago Way: The billions spent on the expansion of O’Hare... Read more »

Beware the siren song of 'infrastructure'

Make only big, costly plans. “Infrastructure” is billed as the one government expenditure that can bring the waring political sides together, as if every dollar spent is a good, great idea. It’s not. At least not as often as it is billed. Let’s take some examples of costly infrastructure projects that flopped: The $363 million “new face” of... Read more »

Blame city of Chicago for price gouging of O'Hare suburban taxi riders

Give WGN9 credit for a fine investigative report on “The airport hustle: Unauthorized drivers looking to take passengers for a ride.“ WGN undercover reporters described (see video below) how unlicensed drivers are gouging O’Hare International Airport arriving passengers. One driver wanted to charge a reporter $89-$100 to suburban Naperville when a pre-arranged ride with a legitimate ride costs... Read more »

You CAN return from hell

I did. Hell was air travel. A simple trip to and from Florida. The airlines probably figure it’s routine trip, but routine for passengers these days is something entirely different: confusion, aggravation and a bed of thorns. We had flown a month before but this next time, things had changed. Again. And again.. First, we made... Read more »