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Time to cancel the Chicago Tribune Guild's executive board?

That’s the board of the union representing Chicago Tribune workers that gave a whole new meaning to “solidarity.” Turning from the traditional role of rattling management’s cage, the Chicago Tribune Guild’s leadership turned on a fellow employee, the Tribune’s lead columnist John Kass. In a widely circulated letter, the executive board accused Kass of writing a column... Read more »

Bravo, John Kass. You stand with Mike Royko

My initial post defending John Kass against the Chicago Tribune Guild’s bush league attack on him is here. After being attacked by the left-wing, cancel cops on the staff of the Chicago Tribune, columnist John Kass didn’t fold. He didn’t go along–like so many Republican politicians–and suck it up, afraid to hand out a well-deserved... Read more »

Chicago Tribune Guild's attack on co-worker John Kass is bush league

Update: Bravo, John Kass. You stand with Mike Royko. Unprofessional, amateurish, unfair and utter bullshit. I would add. Media columnist Robert Feder explained the attack in, “Tribune colleagues blast John Kass column as ‘antithetical to our values’.”  Kass’ sin apparently was writing about how billionaire George Soros funds liberal causes and big-city candidates like Cook... Read more »

ESPN's broadcast of the Sox-Cubs game was absolutely awful

Stinko. Rotten. Wretched. Unforgiveably self-conscious. As I understand it, you folks in Chicago didn’t get to see ESPN’s broadcast of the White Sox-Cubs exhibition game Sunday night. It was blacked out. But I got to see it. At least some of it until I was absolutely sickened by it. I happened to be in Virginia... Read more »

Unpacking the New York Times biased reporting of Trump's Rushmore speech

On the whole, I thought that President Donald Trump’s Mount Rushmore speech had enough positive notes to deserve at least a mention. Putting a punctuation mark on the affirmative, he ended the speech with “…the best is yet to come.” But the New York Times reporter, Annie Karni, decided, I guess, that it wasn’t worth a mention. Instead... Read more »

The cancel culture ax falls on old time radio

It’s not just statues that are getting picked off one by one by the growing determination to rub out our past. Now old time radio: MADISON – Wisconsin Public Radio will end production of the long-running “Old Time Radio Drama” in June, WPR announced this week. The program, which will air for the last time... Read more »

The demise of the profession formerly known as journalism

“We’re tired of being told to show both sides of issues there are no two sides of.” Never in my four decades as a journalist did I expect to hear reporters say that they’re tired of being told by their editors that they must report both sides of a story. Yet, this is what we’ve... Read more »

Advice to journalists about how to cover the coronavirus pandemic

This is from Journalist’s Resource, a tip sheet on how to cover the news. Its “Epidemiological models: 10 things journalists covering coronavirus research should know” advises ten things that journalists should tell their readers when trying to explain how those models and scientific studies work. For those who wonder about the legitimacy of the studies and... Read more »

Old school journalism vs. whatever they call journalism today re. Epstein's suicide

Funny how the coverage of Jeffrey Epstein’s “suicide” has, in some corners, been overshadowed by stories about how it has encouraged conspiracy nuts to come out from under their rocks. Already, there’s  a lengthy Wikipedia page, “Death of Jeffrey Epstein,” itemizes the theorists and their theories. Some examples: Florida Senator Marco Rubio alleged that Russian... Read more »

A leftist, not a righty, was the mass shooter in Dayton

With denunciations and accusations flying back and forth about who’s to blame for the mass killings in El Paso and Dayton, more examples of media favoritism and unfairness rained down on the public. Buried in nearly all the reporting, editorializing and commentating was the fact that the Dayton shooter was an out-and-out Leftist. Even the most numb-skulled,... Read more »
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