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In defense of Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass

Someone named John Greenfield wrote an opinion piece in the Chicago Reader calling on the Chicago Tribune to fire columnist John Kass. Greenfield accuses Kass of dodging his own responsibility for inciting the crowd that stormed the Capitol. Apparently Kass’ blaming Trump wasn’t enough because Original Sin turns out to be more than eating a... Read more »

For major media, reporting good news about Covid-19 is a bad thing

And reporting bad news about Covid-19 is a good thing. This should shock the defenders of the “unbiased” media. “Why Is All COVID-19 News Bad News?” is a National Bureau of Economic Research study that analyzed the tone of COVID-19 related English-language news articles written since January 1, 2020. What the researchers, Bruce Sacerdote, Ranjan Sehgal and Molly Cook  found... Read more »

Is there any hope for journalism?

I fear not. American journalism has become so locked into its belief that it is the arbiter of truth that I can’t see any hope at all for a return to its historic role as an independent, unbiased, impartial and objective observer. The press’s favoritism for liberal, progressive and others of that bent is so obvious... Read more »

American "journalism" returns to its colonial and 19th century roots

Because real American history is no longer taught in woke schools, return with me now to those thrilling days of yesteryear when journalism was so partisan that mobs killed publishers they loathed. Cable news, social media and much of the press following the lead of the Washington Post and New York Times have become so... Read more »

Biden's contemptible message to voters and the media: It's none of your business.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is echoing the immortal Nancy Pelosi’s quote about Obamacare:  “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.” Astonishingly and unforgivably Biden said we would have to wait until after the election to find out his position on packing the  Supreme... Read more »

AP stylebook: Don't call a riot a "riot"

This takes balls. The Associated Press style that most of the press follows, says that a riot is not a riot. The AP’s “guidance” says, according to The AP dictates that “unrest” should be used instead of the word “riot” because it’s less “emotional.” The AP then points out how great the words “protest”... Read more »

Another example of NY Times biased reporting--as if we need one

This one, of many examples, is byAnnie Karni and Maggie Haberman writing, “Trump, with his baseless attacks on Joe Biden’s mental status, may have set a trap for himself in the first debate.” [Emphasis added.] They wrote, The misleading notion that Biden is too addled for the presidency has been driven by Trump since 2018, when... Read more »

Where the hell are my former professional journalism colleagues?

They would never have let a presidential candidate of any party get away without having to answer hard questions from journalists. Not any more. There’s hardly a peep–never mind any outrage–from the collective media about Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden hiding in the weeds. Where are the editorials, the professional journalism organizations and the commentators who... Read more »

More messy reporting

We were greeted with this headline this morning: “Congress won’t get briefings about election security because ’we got tired’ of leaks, Trump says” Not quite. From the headline, we are led to believe that the Trumps administration will stiff Congress by not giving it any more briefings. I just listened to Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe... Read more »

"Crazy Mob Calls Chicago Writer A Racist For Criticizing A Jew"

My article in The Federalist defending Chicago Tribune Columnist John Kass. When conservative Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass was hit with baseless attacks from the leftist cancel mob, he didn’t cower — he pushed back and won. After extinguishing reason and fairness at The New York Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer, the cancel cultural enforcers in... Read more »
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