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UPDATE: Madigan's not gone, not by a long shot

UPDATE: He resigns as state party chairman. His appointment to replace him in the General Assembly steps aside. Resigns his house seat, but still runs the Illinois Democratic Party Former House Speaker Michael Madigan’s resignation as a Southwest Side legislator is a surprise, but perhaps not as consequential as some might have first imagined. He remains chairman... Read more »

Biden gives Illinois corruption a break

Did he know what he was doing when he dumped U.S. Attorney for northern Illinois  John Lausch? He probably didn’t, as he demonstrated that he’ll do anything that the woke demand and sign just about anything that’s put in front of him. It amounts to a stick in the eye of Chicagoans and Illinoisans who... Read more »

' Women, working mothers, Black workers hit hardest by economic downfall '

‘Illinois’ weak economic foundations and fiscal mismanagement were preexisting conditions that caused it to suffer a deeper COVID-19 downturn. They will also hurt its recovery.’ From the Illinois Policy Institute: As Illinois enters 2021, the state’s economy is smaller, the COVID -19 recovery has stalled and the state’s Office of Management and Budget is projecting a... Read more »

Illinois marijuana legalization a dismal failure

In case you missed this Chicago Tribune op-ed, “A year after legalization, Illinois’ pot industry is a mess.” Kevin Sabet, a former senior drug policy adviser to the Obama administration and currently co-founder and president of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, wrote: In the lead-up to the passage of the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, lawmakers... Read more »

Illinois vs. Florida in the COVID derby. And the clear winner is...

If Illinois restaurant owner Jeff Buckler wanted to keep Lil Buford’s Bar & Grill open during the COVIDI-19 pandemic, he would be more than welcome to open it here in Jacksonville, Florida. Instead, Illinois’ strict lockdown dictates demand that he close in-door dining, an option that that would destroy his Champaign County, Illinois restaurant and throw his... Read more »

The death of American legislatures

Before our very eyes, we’re watching the death of American legislatures–the two houses of Congress and state assemblies. The attacks we’ve seen on these bodies that are supposed to make our laws is being carried out by the two opposing branches–the executive (and its administrative state) and the judicial. The troubling signs are these: The... Read more »

Hey, Chicagoans, yearning for a bite to eat? Y'all c'mon down to Jacksonville's open eateries

His Honor, the Imperial Illinois Guv, J.B. Pritzker, majordomo to all 12.7 million Illinois serfs within his domain, is shutting down restaurants again. With papal-like authority, Pritzker has ordered  Chicago bars and restaurants in Chicago to halt indoor service and to limit gatherings 25 people effective today. In this, Pritzker is ignoring pleas from the pitiful, whining restaurant owners who are... Read more »

A mother's beautiful, impassioned plea to Pritzker to open Illinois

This is a great open letter to Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker asking, no begging, him to open Illinois–the schools, the restaurants, businesses and more. She writes in “Dear Gov. Pritzker, we are done.” Because of you, more restaurants are closing their doors permanently because they cannot survive another shut down. Because of you more homes... Read more »

The unremarkable Dick Durbin

Oh, by the way, Democrat Dick Durbin is running for re-election as Illinois’ senior United States senator. You could easily have missed it, seeing as how his re-election is considered to be the surest thing to happen in Illinois except, perhaps, for political corruption. Durbin is the odds-on favorite to win even though Illinois voters, if... Read more »

Learn from Illinois politics: Democrat voters won't care about alleged Biden corruption

Election after election, Illinois Democrats vote for, instal and re-install the kinds of politicians who make Chicago and Illinois the most corrupt city and state in America. So, why should we expect that American Democrats will care a fig about the stories that reveal that Hunter Biden and possibly his father, Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe... Read more »
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