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American "journalism" returns to its colonial and 19th century roots

Because real American history is no longer taught in woke schools, return with me now to those thrilling days of yesteryear when journalism was so partisan that mobs killed publishers they loathed. Cable news, social media and much of the press following the lead of the Washington Post and New York Times have become so... Read more »

The Pre-Columbian Americas were not idyllic

Here is a question that ought to be contemplated: But since the quincentennial celebration (1992) progressives have been harshly denouncing the event [Columbus Day celebrations] as resulting in deliberate genocide of the peaceful, ecology-minded, indigenous peoples. According to the new conventional wisdom, Christopher Columbus and his discovery of the Americas is an epochal catastrophe that... Read more »

The twisting of American history

Once again, we’re being subjected to lectures about how Americans are ignorant of their nation’s history of slavery. As if it is being ignored intentionally because white Americans hate black Americans. Among the charges is the assertion that the history of slavery has been “erased” from American history. Appearing in the Washington Post was this... Read more »

For John Kerry, billions of $ is "a little bit of money"

Well maybe it is for John “I-married-into-a-ton-of-money” Kerry. But it not for, err, the 99 percent of Americans that liberals like Kerry say they represent. This astonishing observation came during a CNN interview in which Kerry tried to explain away the palette-load ransom of billions that were delivered to the Iranian terrorist leadership as part... Read more »

Abe Lincoln, an Illinois attorney, killed in theater shooting

Wow, the Washington Post is deservedly taking heat on Twitter its headline that described the murderous ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as an “austere religious scholar.  Check out the hilarious tweets at #WaPoDeathNotices. Here are some: Osama bin Laden, father of 23, killed in home invasion Gaius Julius Caesar, 56, noted author and Egyptologist, dies surrounded by his friends.... Read more »

Can't we have both Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples Day?

There’s a saying (but I don’t know who first said it), that in order for me to win, you must lose. How else can anyone see the trend to replace Columbus Day with an Indigenous Peoples Day? Why not, as some jurisdictions do, have both Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples days, on different days? Nope, nope.... Read more »

An engineering feat's 150th anniversary

Thumbnail image for 'An engineering feat's 150th anniversary'
From the Wall Street Journal By David Mermelstein May 23, 2019 3:54 p.m. ET Salt Lake City–Immersed in our fast-paced world of hyper-interconnectivity, we often forget that people’s lives were markedly different not so long ago. Written communication was slow and sporadic before the telegraph changed things in the mid-19th century. And until the final... Read more »

Uh oh, Memorial Day might have originated in the Confederacy

Perhaps that will trouble the hard left fanatics who want to scrub the nation clean of anything that recalls the Confederacy. And who labels anyone who doesn’t agree with the militants a racist and someone who longs for the return of the good old days of slavery. President Lyndon Johnson and Congress in their infinite... Read more »

The cultural (mis)appropriation of St. Patrick's Day

Now comes the latest offense…. Wait, I can’t say it’s the latest, because these things keep popping up every day. Well, for me, cultural (mis)appropriation is relatively new. Some examples: A white guy wears dreadlocks. Black Americans wearing African-style clothing. Wearing a Native American feather headdress. Actors performing in roles not of their race or ethnicity. (Except,... Read more »

The attack on the 'racist' National Anthem should provoke a history lesson

The California chapter of the NAACP’s call to remove “The Star-Spangled Banner” has ignited the usual alarms and condemnations, huffing and puffing from both sides. A history lesson is in order. To bring some sense to this highly emotional fray. The lyrics were composed by Francis Scott Key during the Battle of Baltimore in the War of 1812,... Read more »
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