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So, where IS the Republican health care plan?

Republicans and most particularly President Donald Trump have screwed up politically by failing to come up with a replacement health care plan for Obamacare that is believable, comprehensive, affordable and practicable. The usual GOP excuse is that the Democrats in their blind partisanship would kill any such plan. Except Republicans never came up with a realistic... Read more »

Little Sisters of the Poor to test the real meaning of religious liberty before the Supreme Court

While reading a biography* of James Madison, I came across this quote from the Father of the American Constitution: The civil rights of none shall be abridged on account of religious belief or worship, nor shall any national religion be established, nor shall the full and equal rights of conscience be in any manner, or... Read more »

'Medicare for all' would not be Medicare

In a brilliant column, Chicago Tribune editorial board member Steve Chapman explains why the far-left’s fantasy of “Medicare for All” is in fact a cruel nightmare. Bernie Sanders’ “Medical for All” proposal, which Elizabeth Warren co-sponsored and Joe Biden has endorsed, Chapman writes, “…is to Medicare what a tiger is to a house cat. They have... Read more »

With the booming economy, Dems had to find another way to scare the bejabbers out of voters

And they found it: Dire warnings  that Republicans would kill the law requiring health care insurers to cover pre-existing conditions. That the fear-mongering assertions were taken up by Democrat candidates and their supporters at almost the precise same time indicates that it was a strategy universally adopted by the party. It was Plan B after... Read more »

Sarah Palin was right about death panels

Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin sent liberal heads spinning with the charge that Obamacare paved the way for “death panels” deciding who was worth the cost of keeping alive. Yet, she was right. Maybe not Obamacare, but about her larger point that government should not be in the business of deciding who was... Read more »

The stupid premise of all health care "reform"

Whether it’s Obamacare or the version of health care reform that Republicans are fighting over, the premise of all of them is stupid. The meaning of health insurance has been so corrupted that whatever version–Obamacare or Republicancare or something else–that we end up with will never satisfy everyone. That’s because health insurance used to be... Read more »

GOP's Obamacare replacement passes the House

It was a close vote, 217-213, with all Democrats opposed.  Instead, Democrats sang “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” to Republicans because they think this will lead to a change in who holds majority in the House. Classy. Nineteen Republicans voted against it.     

Stupid GOP about to hand a couple victories to progs

Here’s a message to the stubborn Republicans who seem willing to hand hard-left progressives a couple of victories on health care reform and the budget: You can’t govern with 30-some votes. And your failure to govern is going to bring down the Republican Party and hand the government’s reins back to the likes of Democrats Nancy... Read more »

Analysis: House Freedom Caucus racks up a defeat

“Sand in the Gears: The caucus that says no” is a great analysis of the cost of the House  Freedom Caucus’s stubbornness in killing the Republican’s replacement of Obamacare. Before Republicans captured Washington, the unyielding conservatives in the House Freedom Caucus were a nuisance. Now, with the GOP in control of the House, Senate, and White House,... Read more »

Why should young adults be covered by their parents' health care insurance until age 26?

A law requiring insurance companies to allow young adults up to age 26 to stay covered under their parents’ health care insurance is taken as a given. It was one of the first things that Republicans said they would keep when they replace Obamacare with their own plan. Polls confirm that it is one of the most... Read more »