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Where is Joe Biden's plan to reopen America?

Will he tell us when it’s over, or will he keep America dangling on his string? We know that President Joe Biden is big on having “plans.”  One of his biggest criticisms of former President Donald Trump was that he had “no plan” for fighting the coronavirus pandemic. (Even though not only did Trump have... Read more »

With good news, America is beginning to ease pandemic restrictions

(Notre Dame website) But some, like Notre Dame, are backsliding The COVID-19 death rate is dramatically dropping. So is the infection rate. Governors all across America are easing their suffocating pandemic restrictions, by opening schools, allowing more people to return to work and opening restaurants to indoor dining. Vaccinations are increasing, to 1.66 million doses a day.... Read more »

Huge drop in the rate of COVID-19 deaths

I interrupt the constant flow of bad news to bring you some really, really great news: The rate of COVID-19 deaths in the United States has plunged.  Take a look at the above chart. Beginning toward the end of January and the beginning of February, the rate rate per one million population plummeted. Really, is... Read more »

Will Biden fence off Florida?

Rumor has it from some friends up north that President Joe Biden is planning to forbid airlines from servicing Florida. Florida would be targeted because it is “such a mess.” The worst. Gov. Ron DeSantis has turned Florida into a pandemic hot spot. The numbers prove that Florida’s infection rate and death rate prove that... Read more »

Washington Examiner: "The Future is Florida."

Friday night we went to the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra to experience Beethoven’s magnificent Third Symphony (Eroica). Saturday night we dined out in a beachfront restaurant. Tonight we’re going to my brother- and sister-in-law’s to watch the Super Bowl with relatives. Our nieces and nephews are attending school in the classroom. They and their teachers are not being overwhelmed... Read more »

Are begging or empty threats enough to get Chicago teachers to return to school?

We shall see. In the meantime, the Chicago Teachers Union continues abusing children Mayor Lori Lightfoot in a sometimes emotional press conference Thursday morning said the ball is in the court of the Chicago Teachers Union if an agreement is to be reached got re-open the city’s schools. I think the ball is in her... Read more »

Cook County judge ignores COVID-19 science; allows Cicero teachers to stay home

Could it be a sign of things to come if Chicago Public Schools seek a court order for CTU teachers to return to the classroom? Cook Court Circuit Court Judge Raymond Mitchell sets a new anti-science standard by ruling that Cicero teachers can refuse to go to work in the classroom. In a suit brought by... Read more »

Joyful third grader at last freed from public school prison

Are public schools trying to stop students from transferring to private schools? Perhaps so. I’m not using people’s or school district’s real names because there would be retaliation. But I know this story is true. Mia is a lively and sociable third grader. At least she was until her public school kicked her and her... Read more »

Highland Park school bosses and Chicago public school teachers tell students: Drop dead

As schools start opening in Chicago and elsewhere in conformance with the science and federal guidelines, a few stubborn  people who should know better are holding out: Highland Park District 113 administrators and Chicago Teachers Union members. It shouldn’t have been a surprise that 71 percent of CTU members voted to demand that they get to stay out... Read more »

UPDATED: A W.H.O. gift to Biden: Seemingly fewer COVID-19 infections

A new testing guideline arrives just in time to   show that the pandemic is abating. Hail Biden If you see a dramatic decrease in the number of infections over the next few weeks, credit the World Health Organization for fixing a problem with the testing procedure that some experts said over-counted the number of infections. Under the new... Read more »
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