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What I said in 2014 about the U.S. going turtle

Back when I was writing an op-ed column for the Chicago Tribune, I worried about the  U.S. going turtle in its foreign policy. That danger from the growing isolationist sentiment–later adopted by future president Donald Trump and then-president Barack Obama–has manifested in a world that is more dangerous. Here is the column from then: U.S. power... Read more »

For John Kerry, billions of $ is "a little bit of money"

Well maybe it is for John “I-married-into-a-ton-of-money” Kerry. But it not for, err, the 99 percent of Americans that liberals like Kerry say they represent. This astonishing observation came during a CNN interview in which Kerry tried to explain away the palette-load ransom of billions that were delivered to the Iranian terrorist leadership as part... Read more »


That was close. President Donald Trump apparently took the advice of his counselors and decided not to retaliate militarily against Iran for its attack on American bases in Iraq. The last time that seconds ticked by as Americans held their breathe like this was during the Cuban Missile Crisis when president John Kennedy threatened to sink... Read more »

Chairman Trump, a socialist

Chairman Donald Trump has become what he detests: a socialist. It happened when he tweeted that American companies are “herby ordered to immediately” figure out how to pull out of China. Ordered?? Who the hell does he think he is? Mao? Lenin? Castro? Maduro? A central precept of socialism as defined by its father, Karl Marx, is state control of... Read more »

Why the probe of the Trump/Russian connection must continue until the bitter end

Is President Donald Trump really that dense that he did not understand why his comments at his press conference with Russian tyrant Vlad Putin raised such a stink? (Trump surprised at fierce criticism of Putin news conference) Is he so moronic that he can take Putin’s word that Russia didn’t meddle  in our elections over  U.S. intelligence... Read more »

Democrats blow a mountain of political capital trying to nail CIA nominee Gina Haspel

Gina Haspel, nominated to head the CIA, turned Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee every which way as she deftly answered one ridiculous question after another. The Democratic game plan was so obvious as to be laughable: Get her to admit that enhanced intelligence techniques (e.g. waterboarding) used to obtain information to prevent more devastating terrorist... Read more »

For those needing a reminder of what the Nazis did

Every new generation needs another reminder of the fathomless evil of the Nazis, especially now that so many Americans seem to proudly identify with them and their allied white supremacists such as the Ku Klux Klan. As appalling as it was for the Greatest Generation to discover the depravity of the Nazi death camps as they... Read more »

Donald Trump's Stenogate

Thank God for people like Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Cal.) who has called out President Donald Trump for meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin without a note taker! Damn if Trump didn’t give Alaska back to Russia and now is keeping it secret by not having any notes. A stenographer surely would have halted this collusion between Trump... Read more »

Washington Post, who are the sources for the Trump-Russia story?

There’s no chance in hell that it will name the anonymous sources. But when are we going to stop accepting, willy-nilly, anything and everything that an unnamed source says. Sure, I know that without Deep Throat we would never had know about Watergate and Nixon and his crew of lawbreakers would never have gone to... Read more »

Chemical weapons used again in Syria

We were told by the Obama administration that Barack Obama’s diplomacy resulted in the removal of all chemical weapons available to the cruel Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad’. (Even though Obama backed away from his “red line” and handed the job over to Russia, which, it turns out, helped Russia expand its Middle East foothold.) But they’re back,... Read more »