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Hey, suburban soccer moms, how do you like your Joe Biden now?

Are you okay with biological boys competing against your daughter in sports, or using a bathroom, locker room and shower with her? Among the flurry of executive orders that President Joe Biden signed on his first day in office was one that puts a fully equipped biological male, among others, into your teenage daughters’ high... Read more »

Highland Park school bosses and Chicago public school teachers tell students: Drop dead

As schools start opening in Chicago and elsewhere in conformance with the science and federal guidelines, a few stubborn  people who should know better are holding out: Highland Park District 113 administrators and Chicago Teachers Union members. It shouldn’t have been a surprise that 71 percent of CTU members voted to demand that they get to stay out... Read more »

School lunacy in Chicago, Evanston and Fairfax County Va.

School districts there follow the teachers unions and ignorant administrators, ignoring the science. The science is and has been clear: COVID-19 outbreaks aren’t driven by in-person classes, CDC says The return to in-person classes in nearly two-thirds of the U.S. hasn’t led to a rash of community outbreaks, federal scientists said in a study of 2.87... Read more »

A deep exploration of the science and data of the coronavirus

How do you have a rational discussion when someone says he is “following the science” when it is so obvious he is ignorant of the science. Case in point: The argument that Chicago teachers are “following the science” when they refuse to return to their jobs in the classroom because they are so “at risk.” Truth... Read more »

The unspeakable hypocrisy of a Chicago Teachers Union officer

The Chicago Teachers Union board member tells teachers they have to stay home. Yet she takes a Caribbean vacation. Just how stupid do you have to be to be a board member?  My historical novel: Madness: The War of 1812 To subscribe to the Barbershop, type your email Address the address s in... Read more »

Defending Joe Epstein

From now on, I will demand that everyone call me Master Dennis Byrne, to show due deference to my hard-earned master’s degree in urban affairs. Written correspondence not addressed to Dennis Byrne, M.S, B.A. will not be opened. That’s because I’m adopting the same standards that a blizzard of elitist snowflakes are demanding be followed when... Read more »

The Chicago Teachers Union is a national disgrace

While some other big city public schools are working toward opening their schools for in-classroom instruction, the reintroduction of in-person learning in  Chicago Public Schools is being stifled by the Chicago Teacher Union leadership. The CTU isn’t just opposed to in-school instruction, it his seeking an injunction to slam the school door shut. And it has unveiled “demands” would hand... Read more »

Rise up parents! Force teacher unions to open the schools. Here's how

The teachers unions have declared war on out children and grandchildren by keeping them out of the classrooms. Now it’s time to declare war on the unions. The science is so clear that schools should be, must be, open that it can no longer be denied. Even the hopelessly partisan has to see it. Every... Read more »

One example of how a wealthy suburban school system is ruining kids

“Ruining” is not too strong of a word to describe what the shutdown of in-classroom instruction is doing to our kids and grandkids Here are some of the ways that the Fairfax County, Virginia school board and its superintendent are hurting our children by their ineptitude and failure to follow the science. School officials all... Read more »

Follow the science! Open schools NOW!

There’s much to learn about the unique coronavirus pandemic, but what we know for sure is that children should be, must be, back in school Science Fact #1: The infection rate among students is exceedingly low, so low that no rational argument can support the idea of complete or even partial lockdowns of classrooms. Science Fact... Read more »