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Obama's Cuba deal is no sweet deal for candy lovers

You might think that it could make candy and other sweets less expensive. After all, Cuba historically is one of the world’s main suppliers of sugar, and opening up the American market to Cuban sugar imports could drive down the price of your Reese’s pieces and other favorites. It won’t happen because the American sugar... Read more »

By popular(?) demand:

my appearance on the Kudlow Report, discussing John F. Kennedy as possibly the first neoconservative president.

Sequestration: It's Much Ado About Nothing


How glad I am that I'm too old to be starting a family.

Today’s young couples are facing impossible financial expectations and demands. I was reminded of that when a friend told me that her son’s college education was costing $54,000 — a year. That’s more than I spent some 20 years ago for my two children’s entire college educations. I can only shudder when I think what... Read more »

Chicago and Illinois: America's armpit

I didn’t write this, so I can’t take credit (or blame) for it.  But it is kicking up dust on the Internet for some time. (It obviously was written some time ago because the body count numbers don’t compute.) Perhaps the U.S. should pull out of Chicago ? Body count: In the last six months... Read more »

Just how much taxes should the rich pay to be fair?

There are few good answers What’s fair? Upon that question revolved a presidential election and the economic future of America. What’s not fair, we’re told, is rich people not paying higher taxes. But no one seems able to say just how much more they should cough up. The fairness argument won President Barack Obama re-election... Read more »

Welfare for Hollywood

The studios that want higher taxes also want a special tax credit

Biden tells audience middle class has been 'buried' last four years

No comment necessary.

SNL mocks Obama defending his record on the economy


Stunner: Obama doesn't know how much the U.S. owes

How can this be? Asked about the national debt on David Letterman’s show, he couldn’t say and shrugged off the question. Is Obama ignorant or a fool? It doesn’t seem to bother America’s mainstream media, but at least one overseas commentator was shocked: Asked by David Letterman on The Late Show to explain all those... Read more »