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President Trump, please veto the monstrous COVID-19 spending bill

Say taxpayer, can you spare another $2.3-trillion? That’s the cost of the $900 billion COVID-19 emergency relief bill and the $1.4 trillion omnibus spending bill that Congress has sent to President Donald Trump for his signature. He should veto this horrific nightmare, even though it passed the Senate and House by veto-proof votes. The  overwhelming majority... Read more »

Blindly following "the science" into ruin

Aren’t you sick of politicians calling down “science” on the heads of anyone who disagrees with their politicalization of the coronavirus pandemic to justify their poisonous economic lockdowns. It brings to mind a similar scenario: In the 1970s, Chicago began installing high-pressure sodium streetlights that “science” told us would be disastrous. A campaign was launched to halt the... Read more »

'How do you solve a problem like Illinois?'

Gov. Pritzker and the rest of you head-in-the-sand Democrats might want to take a look at a view from outside the state about the likelihood of American taxpayers coming to the rescue of your pathetic state. I recommend “How do you solve a problem like Illinois? by Charles Fain Lehman. It’s a great step-back-and-look at the intricate... Read more »

Illinois will not survive this, Gov. Pritzker

Just how long do you think that Illinois can survive the vice grip that you and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot with which you are crushing the economy with? I’ve moved from Illinois, so I guess I shouldn’t care anymore, but it’s still my hometown, and you squeezing the crap out of it with your insanity. The Illinois Policy... Read more »

Thank for exposing the coronavirus and other money-grabbing

Based in the Chicago area, is a leading unmasker of how government at all levels wastes your taxes on useless, stinky, misguided and suspect stuff. Its motto is “Every Dime. Online. In Real Time.” Some of its recent work that the not-for-profit itemized: When Illinois asked for a $41.6 billion bailout, it exposed the 109,881 public employees... Read more »

Forcing our $22 trillion economy into an induced coma; what could possibly go wrong with that, eh?

What could go wrong? More than 30 million Americans fired in just a few weeks, about 18 percent of the American workforce. That’s never happened before so quickly Such a thing was never even imagined. With trillions of dollars being borrowed in a figurative blink of an eye, the national debt reached at least $24,011,523,316,653, (updated)  $24,921,325,976,814 larger than... Read more »

Balanced and commonsensical commentary on coronavirus and reopening the country

No, not me. By Steven Pearlstein, a Washington Post business and economics columnist. In “The right way to reopen the economy, “Pearlstein makes a balanced and reasonable argument for going back to work. Recommended reading.

Where are the models describing the coronavirus' economic costs?

As far as I know, there are none. And as far as the economy goes, we don’t need one. Unlike the iffy epidemiological models that try to predict the future, no model is required to see the catastrophic effects of the shutdown that are already here. The devastating consequences of the economic shutdown is spreading around... Read more »

Time's up, Dr. Fauci

You’ve had your turn. Now it’s time to tune up an economic recovery– to full employment, a vibrant functional financial system and prosperity. It won’t be easy, as you indicated in a Wall Street Journal podcast. But as rapidly as the coronavirus showed up, the economy has crashed  into the pit at even greater speed. While you look... Read more »

The stock market is very important

It’s a little tiring to hear the repeated attacks on President Donald Trump,  accusing of paying oh-so-much attention to the stock market. As if everything he does is designed to boost the markets. To boost his own wealth. He’s not clever enough. Besides the markets are hugely important–for you and me. First, it’s where so... Read more »
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