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My verdict in the Trump Senate impeachment trial: A contemptible tie

Y’all guilty Y’all, meaning both sides in the Senate impeachment trail of ex-president Donald Trump. I can only hope that this is the nadir in American politics, because I can’t imagine how it can get any worse. But continuing down this road could make it so. The display of downsmanship by both sides was more... Read more »

Way ta go, Dems. You've turned Marjorie Taylor Greene into a national hero

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the freshman from Georgia, fired back this morning at the close-minded Democrats and 11 Republicans that booted her off her House committee assignments. At a press conference (below) she established herself as possibly the most eloquent, graceful, powerful and rational congressman in either party. And one of the most visible person in... Read more »

Time to deprogram John Stuart Mill

If I might be permitted to quote an old, dead white guy for the benefit of the narrow-minded who in ignorance condemn Western European thought as anathema to all that is right and true: I introduce John Stuart Mill, a Nineteenth Century philosopher upon whose discourses on liberty established a pillar upon which freedom of... Read more »

When Democrats successfully overturned an election

Curious how Democrats are charging that Republicans are out to cancel an election when Democrats themselves established the modern-day precedent for overturning the results of an election. It came at the Democratic National Convention in 1972 when a “reform” plank of self-appointed delegates managed to dump the entire Illinois delegation that had been elected by voters... Read more »

The death of clean American elections

Put aside for now the question of whether the presidential election was “rigged” against Donald Trump. Put aside the partisan pronouncements about whether Trump or Joe Biden is the legitimately elected president. Let’s instead take an objective, nonpartisan look at whether the election was was good enough to become an acceptable template for elections to come. I think... Read more »

Ya’ll made a hash of the election don’t ya know.

By ya’ll I mean all you Democrats and Republicans, liberals, progressives and conservatives. President Donald Trump and President-elect Joe Biden and your campaigns. Just about all of you stated as fact prior to the election that it would be rigged. Obviously, whoever lost would keep up the drumbeat while the winner would dismiss the possibility... Read more »

Is there any hope for journalism?

I fear not. American journalism has become so locked into its belief that it is the arbiter of truth that I can’t see any hope at all for a return to its historic role as an independent, unbiased, impartial and objective observer. The press’s favoritism for liberal, progressive and others of that bent is so obvious... Read more »

Ted Cruz: Democrats haven't "laid a glove on Amy Barrett"

Nor will they in this, the second day of the hearings into the confirmation of Amy Barrett to the Supreme Court. As if throwing in the towel, Democrats have used their time in the hearings not to plumb the depths of Barrett’s intelligence and commitment to the law, but as free campaign time to deliver a... Read more »

Progressives in orbit

President Donald Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett has launched a fleet of progressives into orbit from where, high above we mere mortals, they see the demise of democracy. The crew aboard the Washington Post orbiter includes E.J. Dionne Jr. who, in all seriousness, nay in a virtual panic, warns that “The Supreme Court struggle is about democracy.” He... Read more »

So, who would Biden name to the Supreme Court?

It seems only fair. The over-wrought Democratic rhetoric demands that President Donald Trump not nominate anyone until “the people” have had a chance to make whom they want to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg. That would be by electing someone who would appoint a high court nominee who best reflects voter’s views. In line with that, we know from... Read more »
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