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Good riddance, Byrne

Here’s some more reaction to my good-bye column lamenting Chicago’s and Illinois’ mess: Seems I’m leaving a lot of angry people behind.  My historical novel: Madness: The War of 1812 Want to subscribe to the Barbershop? Type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. My list is completely... Read more »

I've had enough. Hasta la vista, Chicago and Illinois

So long, Illinois. Goodbye, Chicago. Here, I was born and raised. Schooled and worked. Practically my entire life has unfolded in Chicago and close by. As a kid, I rode on Chicago street cars and the wooden “L” cars before there was a CTA. Took the old North Shore Line to high school and college.... Read more »

But he's our Rod Blagojevich

The debate inspired by President Donald Trump over whether he should commute the sentence of our disgraced ex-governor and our state felon, Rod Blagojevich, whose image should be displayed right up there with the state bird, misses the point. Here’s our Blagojevich. Both sides of this dispute–the ones who say his sentence is unfairly too... Read more »

Why the media silence on the Obama center travesty?

Except for Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass (“The Barack Obama Temple of Adoration and Fealty”)  and the paper’s editorial cartoonist Scott Stantis (“Parks we wreck”), the media have generally chosen not to probe the important questions about the serious policy, environmental and legal implications that bedevil the Obama Center. The media brushed aside a lawsuit by Protect Our... Read more »

Report: Chicago still America's most corrupt city

That’s not news. But a new report confirms what we’ve long know, but which again demonstrates that the Democrats who control Chicago not only don’t care, but also are who are mostly responsible for the corruption. In it’s “Continuing Corruption in Illinois,” authored by UIC professor and former alderman Dick Simpson and others, Illinois was named... Read more »

The Clinton Foundation questions ain't over until they're over

For those who thought that the Clinton email scandal and the questions about the pay-to-play questions about the Clinton Foundation have gone away with the election, consider this: Judicial Watch today announced it filed a motion that seeks to unseal the audiovisual recordings of the depositions of top Clinton aides and State Department officials. The depositions come... Read more »

I just voted and I feel dirty

I’m wearing my “I voted” sticker, but I feel like I just crawled out of a mud bath. It’s not just the presidential race, in which the two major parties have given us a choice between the most despicable candidates in my lifetime. (Usually, it’s just one or the other that stinks.) But it’s also my... Read more »

The election soon will be over, but not the Hillary Clinton hijinks

New disclosure: lots of cash from Hillary Clinton’s big fundraisers was funneled to the senate campaign of Jill McCabe, who just happens to be the wife of the guy who was involved in  the FBI’s investigation of Clinton’s emails. If that’s not kinky, then Chicago is the least politically corrupt city in the world. This was disclosed... Read more »

Even progressive MSNBC is aghast at the Clintons' "ethical deficit"

How much more must the commonweal suffer the Clintons’ ethical deficit? Hillary and Bill Clinton has made the Chicago Way–the legendary Chicago corruption–seem to be small potatoes. Should the attorney general of New York shutdown the Clinton Foundation like he did the Trump Foundation for its shakedowns? Should the law be enforced evenhandedly? Even the progressive MSNBC... Read more »

Broke ITT's mistake was not paying off Bill Clinton

A tale of two for-profit schools: Federal regulators choked for-profit ITT Technical Institute to death, forcing it to shut its doors, laying of thousands. ITT failed to slip Bill Clinton the envelope. No such problems for Laureate International Universities, the for-profit that lagged  Bill Clinton $17.6 million to serve as its “honorary chancellor.” You can’t make up this stuff.... Read more »