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A clarification: A vote for Biden is a vote for extremism, incompetence and shadow government

Sometimes the danger in this writing business is that the scribe doesn’t express himself well enough. It’s not the fault of the reader if the message isn’t clear, or is confusing, or contradictory. Thus it was with my post yesterday, “Dump Trump.” In it, I expressed my deep worry that Trump will lose the election... Read more »

A Catholic's Trump quandary

A Christianity Today editorial calling for the removal of President Donald Trump  out of “loyalty to the creator of the Ten Commandments,” has blown a storm through the ranks of evangelicals who have supported him, and still do. It amounts to a crisis of conscience for some believers because as much as Trump’s behavior appears to be sinful,... Read more »

Planned Parenthood is just another rich special interest group trying to buy the mid-term elections

Who’s that? The biggest spender in this election cycle is the Las Vegas Sands ( mogul Sheldon Adelson) who is giving Republicans and conservatives 100 percent of the  $56.7 million its pouring into political campaigns. Fie! Never mind that coming in third, is Tom Steyer‘s total contribution of $50.2 million, all of it going to Democrats and liberals. Well, you’d... Read more »

The Tribune's Dahleen Glanton desperately needs a lesson about the First Amendment

The Chicago Tribune’s Page 2 columnist Dahleen Glanton argued that the National Football League violated the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech when it order its players to either stand for the playing of the National Anthem or remain in the locker room. She said: ….the NFL is attempting to diminish the right all of... Read more »

Leonard Pitts Jr., it's you who's deplorable

Syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. rejected the idea of trying to “understand” supporters of President Donald Trump because they are a bunch of white, Christian Americans alarmed by the loss of their “pre-eminence.” (“Do we really need to ‘understand’ Trump supporters?” as published in the Chicago Tribune.) Pitts was responding to a reader who suggested in... Read more »

I'm back

I’ve been mostly absent from these pages for a month or so because I had a tight deadline for ghostwriting two books and other freelance work. Now I’ve got time again to post on ChicagoNow, hoping to return a conservative viewpoint to the liberal/left/far left tilt of these pages. Not that a conservative viewpoint is needed.... Read more »