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Replacing Chief Illiniwek with an otter would be highly offensive

Did anyone ask otters if they were okay with being named the new University of Illinois at Champaign mascot? Would they have been offended if their proud heritage  had been appropriated by a cartoonish caricature?  Thankfully, a majority of students, displaying their heightened sensitivity, voted against creating a mascot named Alma Otter, a take-off on the campus statue,... Read more »

The calamity of Roe v. Wade

Watching the TV show Private Practice last night, I saw a physician who performs abortions state that life doesn’t begin (i.e. a fetus is not a person) until is can survive independently outside the mother’s womb. At birth. Before then, it is not a life nor a person and therefore shall have no legal protection... Read more »

Dump the U of I trustees and bring back Chief Illiniwek

You know, if we can dump the University of Illinois Board of Trustees for clouting well-connected applicants into the school, maybe we can get back our beloved Chief Illiniwek. Seriously. Most of the current trustees are the same people who two years ago caved in to political correctness and the NCAA by banning the popular... Read more »