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Progressive educational policies threaten Chicago public schools

Eli Steele’s video on how progressive educational policies are threatening the education of Chicago Public School students. Watch the latest video at

Only New York City's finances are worse than Chicago's

Below is a press release from Truth in Accounting: Chicago Needed $36.4 Billion, Earning ‘F’ Grade on Fiscal Report Card CHICAGO — Government finance and transparency watchdog Truth in Accounting (TIA) today released its fifth annual Financial State of the Cities (FSOC) report. The report analyzes the fiscal health of the 75 most populous U.S. cities.... Read more »

Chicago ticket scofflaws lose in U.S. Supreme Court

Four scofflaws who owed Chicago thousands of dollars in unpaid tickets and fees had their cars–rightly so–impounded by the city. The four filed for bankruptcy, thinking that gave them the right to get their cars back. The federal district court and the appeals court agreed with them, clearing the way to get their cars back while... Read more »

Chicago to open its arms to felons from abroad there illegally

It’s not enough that Chicago is a sanctuary city, where illegal aliens* can run free without fear of deportation. Now, thanks to an ordinance moving through the Chicago City Council, so-called loop-holes will be closed, in effect allowing dangerous criminals from being deported from the city’s neighborhoods. Block Club Chicago reports, On Trump’s Last Day... Read more »

Another lesson from Florida for suffering Chicagoans

Gather round frustrated Bears fans to learn how the fans of another perpetually losing NFL team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, handle defeat. They don’t show up. Unlike the Bears fans who thin and thin will keep shelling out big bucks to watch and moan defeat. There’s a COVID joke making the rounds down here in Jax:... Read more »

The unspeakable hypocrisy of a Chicago Teachers Union officer

The Chicago Teachers Union board member tells teachers they have to stay home. Yet she takes a Caribbean vacation. Just how stupid do you have to be to be a board member?  My historical novel: Madness: The War of 1812 To subscribe to the Barbershop, type your email Address the address s in... Read more »

The Chicago Teachers Union is a national disgrace

While some other big city public schools are working toward opening their schools for in-classroom instruction, the reintroduction of in-person learning in  Chicago Public Schools is being stifled by the Chicago Teacher Union leadership. The CTU isn’t just opposed to in-school instruction, it his seeking an injunction to slam the school door shut. And it has unveiled “demands” would hand... Read more »

More bad news for Chicago: Financing O'Hare Airport expansion is sketchy

Crain’s Chicago Business reports: A ratings agency is warning about the financial risks that await O’Hare International Airport if it moves further ahead with a roughly $8.5 billion rebuild and expansion of terminals while the airline industry is reeling from a global pandemic. Moody’s Investors Service yesterday gave a negative outlook on O’Hare debt, warning... Read more »

Hey, Chicagoans, are you ready for a city income tax?

So it has come to this at last: Having exhausted every tax and fee in sight to balance its way-out-of-whack budget, will the city of Chicago, out of desperation, turn to the only new one left: a city income tax? Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot didn’t mention an income tax in her 6,238-word prepared budget message Wednesday, but... Read more »

Chicago is America's most abandoned city

Here is a list of the 20 cities that have lost the most population. Chicago is Number One, way ahead of the others., But hey, why worry, Chicago and Illinois Democratic politicians who run the city and state are the Alfred E. Newmans of America. Sooner or later the exodus has to stop, right? When... Read more »
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