Jan. 6 hearings prove Trump is a tool. Still waiting to hear evidence he engineered the Capitol break-in.

He hasn’t a clue about how democracy, the separation of powers and our constitution works.

Okay, no arguing that ex-President Donald Trump did some stupid stuff on Jan, 6–before and after–but the House kangaroo court directed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi so far has failed to demonstrate that he planned and implemented the attack on the Capitol.

His ego severely bruised by losing the election, he desperately pressured his advisors to figure out a way to nullify the presidential election–something unprecedented in American history and clearly outside the bounds of the constitution, the law and common sense.

So far, the House show trial has produced plenty of evidence that Trump either lacked such a basic understanding of our form of government. Some of his advisors were appalled and fought the crazy idea that Vice President Mike Pence could somehow become the election czar and overturn on his own the election results.

Where is the smoking gun?

Pence became the hero that day by refusing to violate the constitution, and for that, Trump turned a mob on him. If Trump is to be criminally prosecuted, endangerment of an elected official should be a count in the indictment.

But, where is the evidence that Trump colluded with the Bad Boys, or whatever the name is of the small group of crazies who led the riot and break-in? Has the “biggest FBI investigation of all time” turned up concrete evidence that Trump was the mastermind or even a small participant in the storming of the Capitol?

Perhaps the partisan Trump haters will produce the smoking gun, but I haven’t seen it yet. It occurs to me that Trump might not be clever or smart enough to be the brains behind the operation. Did he actually have contact with the riot contrivers? Did he direct anyone to scheme in his place to hide his involvement? Did he share his grand scheme with anyone?

Did he incite the crowd? Now it gets complicated. Trump’s big mouth could have given some supporters to “go to the Capitol” to protest, But did he have anything to do–any connection directly or indirectly–with the jerks who broke the building’s windows, overwhelmed the police and nearly caught Pence?

Should the jerk-in-chief be denied his right of free speech and assembly because he says stupid stuff or encourage angry supporters to protest? Surely Democrats who encouraged or excused the “mostly peaceful” summer of love protests that killed more people and destroyed lives and businesses can be accused of the same malfeasance.

But that’s not the way things work in the out-of-control, hypocritical politics of the inner Beltway. Is it true that this debilitating condition has so infected the body politic that we no longer can look at things objectively?

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  • What is the question? Did Prez Trump incite a rally to turn into a violent riot on Jan 6th? Or was the Jan. 6th rally turned violent riot/ insurrection a pre-planned conspiracy to storm the capitol? Event can't be both...either Trump incited it, or other forces conspired to foment this sorry event. Maybe some partisan cross-examination in this committee would have been helpful in shedding some light on this.

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