Florida's unemployment rate is lower than Illinois'.

Once again, the Land of Lincoln is near the bottom of the pack.

WalletHub, whose findings usually prove to be an embarrassment to contracting Illinois, has given the state another black eye: It’s unemployment rate is in the basement.

Hate to keep comparing Florida to Illinois (that’s a lie), but this red state run by the supposedly ignorant and despicable Gov, Ron DeSantis is supposed to have cut its own throat by ending the lock down and getting rid of masks early. The shutdowns imposed by Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker was, according to the “experts” was supposed to “make sure that” the state’s economy would be safe.

The result? Illinois’ May unemployment rate was 4.6 percent, putting it in 46th place among the 50 sates, Florida’s was 3 percent, good for 17th place.

Of course, every state suffered from the trials from the Covid-19 pandemic, some states more than others. But down here in Florida, we keep hearing how DeSantis was placing us “at risk” of dying. Didn’t happen. It’s Pritzker you guys are stuck with.

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