Why make illegal aliens swim across the Rio Grande River?

Why subject them to this dangerous, deadly test?

Should this be a solution to help illegals immigrants cross the Rio Grande?

Why not just throw open the border doors instead of President Joe Biden’s requirement that men, women and children risk getting swept away and dying? For a guy and his party who claim to be compassionate to the nth degree, this is damn unfeeling.

I can understand Biden’s and his woke masters’ pretense for wanting to appear like they’re not totally laissez faire when it comes to open borders. That would be a sure election loser. But the fact is that the border is open–if you can fight the currents, carry your child on your shoulders without getting dunked and more feats of physical stamina and daring-do.

It’s not just the Texas National Guard trooper who died trying to save two illegal crossers–who turned out to be illegal drug runners (or swimmers). According to CNN:

At least 650 people died attempting to cross the US-Mexico border this year, more than any other year since an international agency began documenting deaths in 2014. 

The International Organization for Migration — the agency documenting the deaths — didn’t specify the reason for the deaths but crossing the US southern border is often a dangerous journey that over the years has resulted in deaths and rescues.[Emphasis added.]

And that was six months ago. Certainly not all of them drowned trying to cross the river, but I’m guessing that more died doing that than the other fatalities–such as dying of thirst or hunger trying to evade the law once on land.

You have to go to FoxNews to get the true suffering of “unauthorized migrants” (the new name for undocumented immigrants that was the new name for illegal aliens) who, in the hundreds if not thousands, wade–sometimes with the water up to their necks–across the river. And into the waiting arms of the Border Patrol.

I say throw open the doors with tongue in cheek, only partially. Maybe Vice President Kamala Harris, whom Biden assigned to handle the border crisis, should provide boats. Rafts. Barges. Ferry boats like the ones in New York Harbor.

Build docks and platforms on either side of the river so “migrants”* don’t have to slide down and then, having exhausted them selves with the swim, climb a slick muddy bank on the American side. Make the docks handicapped accessible to make the crossing equally accessible for the infirm and elderly.

Restrooms, of course, for those who refrained from peeing the river. Fast food joints to enjoy a Big Mac before resuming their journey. Maybe even a souvenir shop, to commemorate the biggest day of their lives.

Surely, this wouldn’t be as expensive as flying and busing them all over the country.

Of course, this is all super ridiculous. But if Biden, Harris and the rest of the woke mob that is responsible for this misery showed up at the border, just once, they could see for themselves. Like the children struggling against the current. After all, aren’t their policies cloaked in “it’s for the children” BS?

In case you’ve forgotten, (sensitivity warning) here’s a photo of a man and his little daughter who downed trying to cross the river.

This was in 2019 on President Donald Trump’s watch. But the wretchedness has only accelerated.

If Biden gave a damn, he’d stop this. But Biden doesn’t give a damn.

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  • In an April 19 letter to U.S. Sen. Chucky Schumer, the executive director and CEO of the National Sheriffs' Assn. wrote:

    "We simply have no border left in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, or Southern California." Echoing this message is Andrew R. Arthur of the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Immigration Studies who says, “This is not ‘open borders,’ or ‘catch and release,’” It is ‘no border’ with federal travel assistance.”

    As we approach another Memorial Day, Biden's message to veterans, including the more than 1 million who died defending this republic since its creation, is straightforward: You chumps wore the uniform for nothing.

    The disturbing photo you see here is the result of a derelict federal government that for decades has refused to enforce laws it created to protect the public and American jobs. Were you expecting something different from a message to the world that we are not serious about defending our borders?

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi goes to the Ukraine and tells Zalensky that he has our full support. Why she isn't on our southern border saying the same thing to the stressed out Border Patrol? Where's "Border Czar" Kamala Harris? Biden? He'll never go to the border after learning that ice cream melts faster down there.

    Dennis is right on here; Biden doesn't give a damn and never has. His oath to defend the Constitution and "faithfully execute" our laws? It's a formality that makes a great photo op.

  • Isn't it a crime to lie to Congress while under oath? Mayorkas should be charged immediately. The line of BS he fed to Congress last week was total BS. What an empty suit, just like his boss.

  • In reply to HSPARKS:

    Yes, lying to Congress is illegal, but Republicans also do it, so the once cancels the other. No biggie.

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