A shiv in the back of the United States Supreme Court

Whoever did it deserves loathing, if not imprisonment.

I will comment on the substance of the leaked Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade after I read the full 98-page document.

Meanwhile, it’s hard to overstate the depth of the betrayal to cherished American values, the rule of law and the functioning of our system of checks and balances.

Only Politico knows who committed the leak, but whether it was a liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat, the action was profoundly egregious. So much so, that it has never been done before in American history. Trust has been shattered. Prosecution should be on the table.

The best guess would involving looking at who would profit the most from the leak. There’s a suggestion that the conservative side did it so they could pressure justices not to abandon their early support for overturning Roe v. Wade.

That’s small potatoes, though, compared to the benefits of politicizing the case. A demonstration before the Supreme Court building immediately after the Politico story. Condemnation of the draft coming immediately from Democratic leaders, such as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Energizing liberal voters before the 2022 mid-term elections. One can’t be blamed for suspecting a coordinated effort.

Interestingly, the issue doesn’t seem like a big deal for the liberal media. It barely rates a mention that the leak is unprecedented. There’s no analysis of the impact. No media pursuit of the behind-the-scenes story of how the document was leaked. Hysteria erupts. Warnings of the arrival of the “Handmaid’s Tale.”

Even the reliably liberal Poynter–a self-appointed media watchdog–raises questions about the ethics of Politico’s release. Read “Politico’s Supreme Court leak leaves some lingering ethics questions. Politico’s editors would help skeptical readers if they explained how they made their decision to publish an unprecedented draft court opinion.”

The liberal media is warning that the overturning of Roe will have profound changes on America. True. But the unconscionable leak of confidential high court deliberations also will be, to paraphrase President Joe Biden, “A big effing deal.”

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  • This is Democrat Party strategy.

    When you've got a senile president, an imploding economy, record-high inflation, an invasion on the southern border, a Covid-death disaster, failed ginned-up popularity for a war that does not concern us, a policy that favors canceling biology so little children are urged into sexual confusion, record-setting gasoline and diesel prices, you need something to try to run on. So why not the legality of killing babies? Abortion ( baby killing) is a Democrat Sacrament, and it does not matter if it is bad law or not, the right to terminate a life shall be upheld and enshrined.

    This is all about the mid-term elections in November. The "October Surprise" has come early.

    Democrats hardly care whether or not another American law/tradition has been trashed. They hate this country and are waiting for their brand of Utopia.

  • "Interestingly, the issue doesn’t seem like a big deal for the liberal media."
    That's a lie, plain, pure, and simple. The media has been up in arms over the leak because the leak itself shows a weakened institution.

    The real damage will come when the final decision -- in whatever form -- is handed down.It will prove that the judges nominated by Trump (and the Shrub) lied in order to get on the Supreme Court.

    Liberal media is aghast in two ways: The leak itself and the content of the opinion. Conservatives just care that they can't operate in secret any more. In either event, the institution is severely damaged.

  • In reply to Grundoon:

    It has been quite the secret that the majority of Republicans are against baby killing. It's been well-hidden since 1973. First we're hearing about it, in fact. So much for secret ops.

    I don't recall any justices nominated by Bush or Trump (or Clinton or Obama for that matter) swearing an oath to uphold bad law. Maybe I just missed it. Good thing the standard of upholding bad law is not the norm. Otherwise, we would still be operating under Dredd Scott, which would probably make the Party of Slavery giddy.

    A quick preview across the Leftist media sites shows mild interest in the leaker but the absolute horror that Planned Parenthood might not be able to crank out baby murders and auction off baby parts. THAT is an institution that must be preserved, especially because most PP locations are in black and poor neighborhoods.

  • The coordination following the leak was epic...a crowd was out immediately followed by the professional protestors with professional signs and the usual "Hey, hey, ho, ho"chant, Kamala just happened to have a speech before a far Left group that night, those "good" Catholics Pelosi and Biden pushing their theology of death, Schumer just happens to have legislation ready to pack the court and codify abortion in Federal law..and, it was all a big surprise for them
    If the ruling puts the decisions back in the States where it belongs, it might put a dent in the money laundering scam between the Democrat Party and Planned Parenthood

  • Interesting that suddenly Democrats have rediscovered the female sex. Suddenly, they are shrilly pronouncing that it is a "woman's" right to choose whether or not to kill a baby. Odd, how just weeks ago their chosen candidate for a new justice, Brown-Jackson, could not define what a woman is. Wonder if Brown-Jackson has been newly schooled on this?

  • This leaker is probably smugly self satisfied with his/her self...probably fashions his/her self a justice warrior, a patriot. This person is really the antithesis of a patriot. This person is a selfish, shallow, venal, political operative...in deep cover with an agenda. this person craps on integrity, on tradition, on honor. This person is no hero, isn't brave, isn't honorable, isn't a patriot. This person is a true insurrectionist...no matter what "Pack The Court" Schumer says.

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