I'm as old as Biden and I'm truly worried about his cognition and well-being.

Read his body language.

Oh, and our own well-being.

For much of the right, President Biden’s obvious mental and physical decline are a matter of humor and the subject of jokes. Lord knows, I’ve done some of it myself.

But his deterioration is much more than a laugh. It must be taken seriously. Believe me. I’m a few months older than Biden, and I recognize the warning signs–in myself and in my contemporary friends.

Watch him walk. I’m familiar with that hesitant gait. Slow, uncertain, careful to avoid a fall. Remember when he tripped and fell while climbing up the stairs to his airplane? (See video below for that and other symptoms.)

He squints at the teleprompter, larger than the typical one, misreading the words in front of him. He looks exhausted. He needs a nap.

And those are only the physical symptoms. The cognitive and mental possibilities are more frightening. At the podium, he heads off in divergent, irrelevant directions. He forgets the names of his own associates and mistakes the number of his own granddaughters.

Believe me, at my age, I know these are symptomatic of a descent, perhaps even an enfeeblement. Is he listening closely to his advisors during their briefings? Or is his mind wandering off somewhere? Is he awake? Can he carefully weigh the consequences of life or death decisions that must be made in the oval office? Will he get worse? What happens if he does?

Here I’m not talking about his misinformation or wrong decisions. Such as his assuring Americans that Afghanistan will not fall to the Taliban because the country has 300,000 of the best-equipped troops in the world, against a mere 75,000 Taliban troops. Nor his policy decision to ignore the catastrophe on the Southern border. The threat of a “minor” Russian incursion in Ukraine. The downplaying of inflation. And much, much more.

Those are policy decisions that are subject to debate. But how many of those policy decisions are the result of a mind that doesn’t focus, that is easily distracted by irrelevancies?

We’ve already encountered enough national leaders who scare us: The war criminal running Russia and targeting civilians in his war against Ukraine. The plotting dictator who is conducting ethnic genocide in China. Nor do I leave out our own dear former leader, Donald Trump, whose superego and paranoia were always present, hovering over us.

I’m no gerontologist; I’m just old, having turned 80 a few months ago. I see these symptoms in myself and my friends. To borrow a phrase, old age ain’t beanbag. Some who have worked through it advise the young (tongue in cheek), “Don’t get old.”

Every elder enters and experiences old age differently. Some 80-years old are, as they say, spry, active, nimble. Some aren’t. Old age is not an automatic disqualification. But we need to think seriously about Old Joe’s condition.

Invoke the 25th Amendment–the process for legally removing a, err, challenged president? Face the reality of Kamal Harris becoming president? Who would be running the government–a question that we already face as it appears that unelected “advisors” like Susan Rice are the shadow manipulators.

In my age group, I’ve often heard it said, “Shame on Jill Biden for allowing her husband to run for president. If my husband did, I’d divorce him.” Indeed.

Whatever our age, it is difficult to recognize and acknowledge our own failings. Admitting that you no longer are the person you used to be is even more difficult. Is Biden too far gone to even understand that?

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  • Biden's mental failings are largely unreported by the MSM. Were it a Republican president who was similarly impaired the 25th would have been invoked long ago. Biden won't even take the same cognition test that Trump took. Say what you will about Trump he was not non compos mentis. I think even the most die-hard leftist knows that Biden is not running the show. But he's enacting the leftist agenda, and that's all that counts. He has already been non-personed by Obama and the other White House elites as seen by this pathetic video of Biden wandering around at a reception lost in space... https://nypost.com/2022/04/06/president-biden-ignored-while-obama-was-at-the-white-house/ I detest Joe Biden yet this is tragically sad.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    You recall last year that Pelosi called for a "25th Amendment Commission" that she said wasn't about Trump. If not Trump, then who? https://www.foxnews.com/politics/pelosi-25th-amendment-trumps-health.

  • In reply to davegorak:

    At the time Pelosi did this it was speculated that it was more about getting rid of Biden should they need to. The Dems probably planned to 25 him but then Kamala proved that having quickies with Willie Brown didn't make her a stateswoman.

  • As I got older, after 60, I felt I was aging physically two or three years for every birthday. No difference between 40 and 41, but bigger difference between 60 and 61 and then 62. And mentally slower. I retired knowing I couldn’t do my profession competently. So, we still have two and a half more years of Biden. If you think he is aged now, what about 2024? A second term? You don’t have to be a medical expert to see Biden failing, unless you’re a dedicated Dem.

  • Biden's presidency says a lot about the Dem operatives who pushed him to run despite their knowing of his failing condition. His family, especially Dr. Jill, also fall into the low-life category. It's obvious these vermin will do anything to destroy this country, including subjecting Biden to worldwide ridicule and humiliation. And let's not forget that by keeping the "Big Guy" out there, the Biden family would further benefit from Hunter's slimy foreign business dealings. Damn them all to hell. Interesting that so many of my friends who voted for this shell of a man no longer are able to look me in the eye and won't even admit to what fools they were.
    Even worse they can't bring themselves to acknowledge the peril he and his political party have put this country in.

  • So Trump had a superego and paranoia? he amassed multiple fortunes and built and built a business empire...he was prosecuted by the very government he was charged with running...he worked for the citizens despite the interference of Pelosi et al.....

  • Au contraire, my friend. Biden's doing just fine. And a refreshing change from the innumerable lies and the corruption of the previous administration.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Please explain how surrendering our sovereignty, the rule of law and deliberately endangering the lives of our Border Patrol is "refreshing." Mr. Wire? I think you've developed a short somewhere in your lefty circuitry.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    This ^^^^ is seriously funny.

  • Well Dennis, given that you thought that Ukraine was "restrained" by Euro/American diplomacy in fighting Russia when it isn't, and you want to give Russia an excuse to fight Poland and Germany (your MiGs plan) which shows you are incapable of figuring out the consequences of your actions, your inability to fathom Biden is understandable and your conclusions about him erroneous.

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