Democracy dies in ignorance.

“Democracy dies in darkness.” –Washington Post slogan.

As if the Washington Post owned by left-wing billionaire Jeff Bezos, a mouthpiece for the woke way, is our guiding light. A beacon leading us out of the darkness of so-called conservative mis- and disinformation, and into the bright landscape of truth, as defined by blind partisans.

This should have been recognized as a steaming pile of BS months ago when supposedly educated, but ignorant, personages stated incorrectly that Kyle Rittenhouse shot and killed two black men in the Kenosha, Wisconsin riots. How could anyone in the media with an ounce of intelligence be so obtuse as to make this astonishing error?

It’s because these ignoramuses are locked into an ideology that demands that facts be ignored. Just like the publications they read. Publications like the Washington Post and New York Times. They bleat about the “death of democracy,” yet conduct a campaign to keep Americans ignorant–a sure killer of democracy.

For example, the two papers confirmed that Hunter Biden’s laptop actually existed–18 months after the New York Post revealed it. The given wisdom by Democrats was, first, that the laptop didn’t exist, then, that it was a Russian plot and finally, yeah, it existed, but it has nothing to do with the president.

So, this is the governing rule: Keep the readers in ignorance. If a story doesn’t meet their partisan outlook, deny or ignore it.

Here’s a great example: The “Atlantic” columnist Anne Applebaum explained why she’s not interested in the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop that provides a trove of damaging information about President Joe Biden’s son’s hinky deals. “(See the video here.) She said:

My problem with Hunter Biden’s laptop is totally irrelevant. I mean it’s not whether it’s disinformation. I didn’t think Hunter Biden’s business relationship have (sic) anything to do with who should be president of the United States. I don’t find it to be interesting, that would be my problem as a major news story.

And this is an award-winning, highly respected (especially by herself) “journalist” who says she not interested in a story that is at least as potentially disastrous for the presidency as Nixon’s Watergate break-in and cover-up scandal. Certainly worse than the Teapot Dome scandal.

Hunter Biden, who shares a bank account with the president, peddling access to the president and reaping millions of dollars isn’t “interesting?”! She dares say this at a University of Chicago confab on media disinformation–as if the only lies and deceptions come from one side of the political spectrum.

She sits back in her chair, arrogantly waving away a reasonable question about the media’s performance at a conference about the media’s performance. This disgraceful outlook, as far as I can tell, raised no objections from journalists or journalism organizations.

The list is long. Just one: The ho-hum treatment of the crisis on the Southern border. Millions now have illegally crossed and lives have been lost. No concerns about spreading the Covid pandemic. The failure to hold Vice President Kamala Harris to account for totally blowing her assignment to deal with the crisis-that-isn’t-there. Isn’t there a journalist somewhere who is interested in following the illegal immigrants to their destinations. Or tracking down illegal immigrants who kiss off their legally required appearance before a court that weighs their claim of asylum? Or what happens to unaccompanied children? Or economic impact? Or the effect on crime? None of it is “interesting?”

Apparently, only the despised Fox News has a full-time reporter on the scene, documenting the arrival of unaccompanied children, the smuggling of the deadly drug fentanyl that is killing of hundreds of thousands Americans, the billions that the cartel is making by sneaking people and drugs across the border. And more. None of it matters?

You have to watch Fox News to find out what’s really happening on America’s Southern border

Having spent decades in major newspaper newsrooms where decisions are made about what to cover, I can’t believe what I’d probably hear today in the Times and Post editorial conferences. “Nobody cares about Hunter Biden.” “Another conspiracy theory from far-right whackos.” “We never follow up on exclusive stories reported by the right-wing media.” “Uninteresting.”

I can’t express my outrage and loathing enough about the habit of ignoring or killing legitimate stories that are not just interesting but important for the voting public to know. Just like the New York Post was kicked off social media for its revelation about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

There’s no use arguing with the blind left about media bias. But I find it troubling that there appears to be no one in the non-Fox mainstream media who will stand up and challenge the campaign to keep Americans in ignorance. I know responsible and ethical journalists are in the business. There has to be someone who shares the values of objective and unbiased reporting. Knowing of the many journalists who share those values, I can only conclude that they are cowered into silence.

If not, the profession is dead.

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  • Thank you for sharing this great article. 888b hopes you will have many more articles for everyone to read.

  • In reply to hoadao3493:

    "Having more articles for everyone to read" is meaningless unless the readers get off their butts and use the information in those articles to affect change. How many of the regular contributors to Dennis' site have recently contacted their members of Congress? This is not SNL's "Coffee Talk" whose hostess kept telling you to "talk among yourselves." Pick up the damn phone, OK? Meet with your senators and representatives when they are in their local offices during legislative breaks, OK?

  • Right on Dennis...." can't fool all the people all of the time". All I hear out of these quasi-news outlets and the wing-nuts that read, follow, and parrot them is the "oh my God, this can mean the death of our democracy as we know it." mantra. Elon Musk, please save us!

  • Well said. Whether you're a pot or a kettle, smug attitudes corrode the system.

  • What system? Hell, we don't even have a border:

  • Appreciative for sharing such mind blowing information.

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