Will Biden do right and call on everyone to respect the Rittenhouse verdict?

Will Kenosha have to go through this again?

As the nation’s chief law enforcement officer and one-time chairman of the Senate judiciary committee, President Joe Biden’s responsibility is to urge Americans to respect our system of trial by jury.

So far, he hasn’t. So, when the jury hands up the verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, possibly next week, will he remain silent? Will he clearly state that in a democracy, you don’t riot if the verdict doesn’t go your way? Does he even get it? Will his handlers allow him?

Expectations of a violent reaction to an innocent verdict are not rare. In Wisconsin, for example, Gov. Tony Evers is activating 500 National Guard troops to partner with the police to keep the peace.

I don’t expect conservatives will turn protests into riots if Rittenhouse is found guilty of murder. But I do expect protests will turn into riots if he is found innocent. That’s been the pattern.

Violence will come from the race baiters’ side. People who make a living (they’re innocently called “community organizers” or “activists) will stir the embers of hatred, condemning a “racist” and corrupt criminal justice system.

If the past is prescient, fires will be set in Kenosha, stores will burn. The verdict could unleash the likes of Joseph Rosenbaum to lead the crowd in what later will laughably be called “peaceful protests.” Rosenbaum had spent more than a decade in prison for sexual misconduct with a minor, according to The Washington Post. Earlier in the day of the riot he had been discharged from a hospital after a suicide attempt. That night Rosenbaum twice threatened to kill Rittenhouse and came after him in a threatening and life-threatening manner, according to Rittenhouse’s testimony. That’s why Rittenhouse shot him.

We are allowed to be disappointed about the outcome of Rittenhouse’s or anyone else’s trial. We can speak out and demonstrate our disagreement with the jury. But the argument that you or anyone else knows better than the jury is stupid and dangerous. Especially if you resort to violence.

You haven’t been in the courtroom. You haven’t heard every witness or expert testify. You haven’t examined all the evidence and the exhibits from both sides. You haven’t listened to the judge’s instruction to the jury about the law and the burden of proof. You haven’t been involved in the jury’s deliberation.

So, President Biden, please lead and defend trial by jury. Don’t sit idly by, as if you don’t understand how trust in the jury system is in jeopardy. For once, do your job.

Postscript: Will the media do its job and defend trial by jury against mob rule? I doubt it.

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  • Biden does nothing his handlers don't tell him to do (except ramble incoherently, crap his pants in public, and tell delusional lies) - so it's highly unlikely

  • Dennis, when it comes to your postscript, you seem to be forgetting that we at ChicagoNow are part of the media. Are you asking the president to defend something you're not defending yourself? I hope not.

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    Unfortunately, the bulk of the media won't. Instead, we get this:

  • Biden has already demonstrated that he does not care about the rule of law. He recently told businesses to ignore the injunction against his vaccine mandate. As for the media, they do what the Party tells them.

  • President * already has called Rittenhouse a white supremacist terrorist...why would he call for calm?

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