The rebirth of democracy!

Dire warnings about its death rejected by American voters.

For much too long, the radical left has declared that failing to adopt their utopian agenda–whole and complete–constituted the “death of democracy.”(Here, here, here, here and here for example.)

They warned that conservatives, Republicans, moderate Democrats and even parents would bring self-government crashing to its knees, leaving a dictatorship run by right-wing misogynists, racists and troglodytes.

So much for dystopian future.

On Tuesday, Virginian and other American voters spit in the eye of the doomsday fable. Republican Glenn Youngkin’s declared defeat of Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the highly watched and key Virginia gubernatorial race put the lie to the left’s storybook script that Americans had to compliantly accept progressive looniness or see democracy rot.

The completely unexpected and near victory (as of this writing) of Republican Jack Ciattarelli against incumbent Democrat Phil Murphy in New Jersey was perhaps a more revealing tale. As the results of other elections trickled in on Wednesday, any radical-left victories were seen as outliers.

In reality, the radical left and its chorus were the actual threats to democracy. Voters understood that. They found their lives increasingly run by educates, bureaucrats, supposed experts of all stripes and–it has come to this–sociologists who hand down edicts about inbred white racism.

The reasons were many. Most prominent was the school boards, backed by McAuliffe and run by the teachers’ unions, that had ascended to thrones, expecting parents to genuflect and shut up.

Siccing the FBI onto to parents who demanded a voice in schools perhaps was the final straw.

But it started long before that. A year and a half ago, Democratic autocrats following the dictates of scientists who misdiagnosed the Covid pandemic, shut down the economy, ordered everyone to cower at home, substituted classroom instruction with a dismally failed curriculum of at home “learning,” and bankrupted small businesses. As as with New York’s disgraced and former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, some politicians made decisions that actually cost lives.

Add the slow re-opening of the economy and schools, the lingering over-wrought attacks on personal freedom, this and that mandate, idiotic rules that, for example, required wearing masks on beaches.

Add more: inflation, supply chain failures, travel restrictions. Do this, don’t do that. Demands to “remake society,” “re-imagine policing” and “transform America,” were too much to swallow in one gulp. Siccing the FBI onto to parents who demanded a voice in schools perhaps was the final straw.

You can probably think of more reasons why so many Americans are fed up. No longer willing to be pushed, shoved and remade in someone else’s utopian image, voters thankfully reclaimed the liberty that the radial left and some Democrats were stealing from them.

Perhaps the lesson is that liberty is a precious gift that Americans still want. And that democracy is far from dead.

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