How Biden's vaccine mandates are a dagger pointed at the heart of business.

Vallencourt Construction, a Jacksonville, Florida company faces serious problems ahead, possibly a shutdown, if OSHA will require certain employers to force all their employees to receive a Covid shot.

Vice President Daniel Vallencourt (my nephew) explains why on this newscast:

Appeals Court halts vaccine mandates for larger firms.

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  • For every action, there’s a reaction. Make demands of only larger companies, they will have to compensate and maybe smaller companies benefit. But disrupting the normal flow of business may cause delays, shortages, or incompetence. Can a smaller company, even if it pilfers workers from a larger company, do the same job?

  • The goal of the fascist Biden regime is to have small businesses of any size force the vax on their employees. Two things you can always count on from a Democrat. Either they want to mandate something or ban it.

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